“You’re on My Boycott List!” – Dove’s Disastrous Collaboration With ‘Fat Liberation’ BLM Activist – Did They Forget the Background Check?

Dove has always been an inclusive brand with strong morals. Sounds like a good way to sell yourself, right? Well, apparently, it’s not good enough for some as conservatives blast the soap brand for working with a plus-sized BLM activist.

“Fat Liberation”

Conservative consumers are furious as Dove, the renowned soap brand, teams up with a controversial Black Lives Matter activist for a ‘fat liberation’ campaign.

Carole Thorpe, a disgruntled former Dove customer, leads the charge by discarding Dove soap products in protest against the brand’s association with Zyahna Bryant.

Angry users on X joined the boycott, vowing to stop buying Dove products in opposition to the ‘fat acceptance ambassador’ campaign.

Even Elon Musk, X’s owner, voiced his discontent, labeling Dove’s collaboration with Bryant as ‘messed up’ and adding fuel to the fiery backlash.

Zyahna Bryant faced accusations of destroying a white student’s life over a remark she later admitted she might have ‘misheard,’ outraging conservatives and ruining her publicity.

BLM Involvement

Zyahna Bryant’s activist journey started at a young age, organizing demonstrations and campaigns for justice, which eventually led her to the Black Lives Matter movement, “At the age of 12, she organized her first demonstration, a rally for Justice for Trayvon Martin and other unarmed black lives lost to police violence,” Her website states.

Dove’s controversial move is reminiscent of Bud Light’s partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, resulting in significant boycotts and public conservative outrage.

Social media exploded with users expressing their disappointment, vowing never to purchase Dove products again, and calling for a complete boycott, “Guess I’ve bought my last bar of Dove soap,” one tweeted.

Bryant passionately promotes ‘fat liberation,’ aiming to challenge society’s stigma related to body weight.

Body Positivity

Dove’s history of aligning with various causes, including body positivity, is reflected in this collaboration, although due to a previous incident, people aren’t happy with the choice of model.

Online communities demand accountability from Dove, its parent company Unilever, urging them to reconsider their association with Bryant, “You’re on my boycott list now!” exclaimed one X user.

Morgan Bettinger, the student affected by the cancelation incident, contemplated legal action to clear her name and seek justice for the ordeal.

Hashtags like #BoycottDove gain traction, uniting dissatisfied customers and fueling the movement against Dove’s recent partnership.

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