Boyfriend Tug of War: How Doesn’t He See Their So-Called Friend Is Using Her Homelessness as a Way to Manipulate Him?

A young woman had Redditor’s heads spinning when she kicked her boyfriend’s homeless friend to the curb. The real question is, what took her so long? Here is the whole story.

Inherited Home

OP is a 22-year-old woman with a 24-year-old boyfriend. They live together in the house she inherited from her aunt.

OP’s boyfriend is a nursing student with intense work and class schedules. He spends what little time off he gets hanging around the house.

The boyfriend also has a 25-year-old friend who recently fell on hard times. Rather than let her be homeless, the BF asked OP if the friend could move in with them.

Homeless Concerns

OP was reluctant to let another woman move in with them, but she didn’t want to leave the girl homeless, so she said OK.

That was a decision OP regretted almost from the beginning. Her boyfriend’s buddy has turned their lives upside down.

Or, at least she turned OP’s life upside down. The boyfriend seems just fine with having his friend around and doesn’t see a problem with her behavior.

Mainly, that behavior involves trying to come between OP and her boyfriend.

Boundaries During Downtime

For example, the three young adults spend most of their downtime together and often end up watching TV or a movie on the couch.

If OP gets up to use the restroom, the other woman slides in beside her boyfriend while she’s gone.

And the boyfriend’s friend doesn’t have any boundaries whatsoever. She has gone as far as to change her clothes, including her underwear, right in front of OP and her boyfriend in their living room.

Stop the Nudity!

When OP asked her to have a little modesty and not get naked in front of her boyfriend, the other girl told her to loosen up. She also said OP should often undress in front of her BF to bring them closer.

On top of all the inappropriate behavior, the unwanted roommate doesn’t do anything to help OP around the house other than cooking occasionally.

It all came to a head recently one Friday night when OP’s boyfriend and his friend watched a movie on TV. The other girl was all over him, and OP had had enough.

Tug of War

So OP grabbed her boyfriend’s hand and told him she needed to talk to him. But the friend latched onto him and said he could speak later because “their” favorite part of the movie was coming up.

OP kept at it, though, and finally pulled her boyfriend into their bedroom. There, she told him she was sick of the friend’s behavior.

OP told her boyfriend that enough was enough and that the other girl was way out of line.

He Wanted to Give Her Time

The boyfriend agreed with OP to a point and said he’d ask his friend to leave. But only after she found a job so she could afford her own palace.

The problem was OP knew the other girl wasn’t even looking for a job.

OP and her boyfriend hadn’t been talking too long when the friend knocked on the bedroom door and said she was missing out on her time with the BF.

OP’s boyfriend told his friend to go back to the living room and wait, but she wouldn’t stop knocking. Finally, he told OP he had to go talk to the other girl.

Two Weeks Notice

OP waited patiently for her boyfriend to come back to her, but when he didn’t return after 2 hours, she marched into the other room and confronted her unwanted roommate.

OP told the girl that she would have to find another place to live. She gave her two weeks to move out.

The friend cried for days and went on a hunger strike, and OP’s boyfriend turned on her. He accused her of being insensitive and causing his friend to become homeless.

Ditch the Dude

But OP wouldn’t budge and eventually realized that her boyfriend would never be on her side in this argument.

Redditors were pretty much outraged over the other girl’s behavior and the fact that OP’s boyfriend wouldn’t stand up for their relationship.

Many of them told OP she should boot her boyfriend, too, which she reported in an update that she eventually did.

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