The Cost of Love? Boyfriend’s Extreme Financial Record-Keeping a Huge Red Flag!

A woman has revealed that her ex-boyfriend meticulously noted all of her payments in a spreadsheet that showed every penny she owed him throughout their three-year relationship.

Keeping Track

The woman, Maddy, took to TikTok to share her ex-boyfriend’s unusual habit. 

She shared that he would send her monthly bills detailing her share of expenses. 

One particular incident stood out – he charged her $3.23 for a banana and toast she ate while visiting his mother during a trip.

Maddy recalled the peculiar moment: “A few days later, I get an email from my boyfriend that had an Excel document in it.”

Confusing Breakfast Entry

“The Excel doc was all of our shared expenses from the trip, which was fine – that’s how we normally did things.” she said.

She further explained, “But, I did notice there was one line in the Excel document that I was kind of confused about and the line just said, ‘breakfast’ for $3.23.” 

When questioned about it, her ex-boyfriend casually responded, “Oh, well that’s for the banana and piece of toast you ate at my mum’s.”

Color Coded Debt Collection

In another TikTok video, viewed over 3 million times, Maddy admitted that she tolerated this behavior during their three-year relationship. 

In the video, she clarified that she wouldn’t stand for it now.

Maddy displayed an example of the Excel spreadsheet her ex-boyfriend used to send her every month. 

“As you can see, he was nice enough to color-code it, that was great. And then at the bottom of this… would be the totals of everything that I owed.”

“Huge Red Flag”

Users couldn’t believe the business-like boyfriend, with one user even commenting, “Why would you ever have tolerated this? Embarrassing.”

Another user highlighted the disturbing behavior, “For anyone who does not know, this is all a huge red flag.”

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