Brainwashed by Tate – How One Man’s Obsession Spiraled into a Violent Nightmare

Ellie and Leo were the perfect couple. They were best friends, partners in every sense of the word. They had been dating for five years – Ellie, 27, was four years Leo’s junior. 

He Was Obsessed With Andrew Tate

They were excitedly planning to tie the knot in May next year. But, as the date neared, unexpected changes in Leo’s attitude raised red flags in Ellie’s world.

Leo became obsessed with videos of a certain Mr. Andrew Tate. Ellie couldn’t understand the content or why it appealed to Leo. However, the influence the videos had on him was apparent.

The warmth that once existed between them began to cool down when Leo started making rude and insulting comments, stressing that all women belonged to men.

Ellie was shocked one day when Leo approached her with a request. He wanted her to quit her job and dedicate herself to being a stay-at-home mother for their future children.

“You Stay at Home All Day and Still Can’t Keep the House or Yourself Clean. You Have the Time To Go to the Gym Now, so Do It”

Given that Leo earned a six-figure income, he felt he could provide for their needs without any worries. Ellie was doubtful; she valued her independence and feared that Leo might one day lose his job, leaving them in a dofficult position.

But Leo was a persuasive guy and managed to win her over. Trusting him, she quit her job, transforming into a full-time homemaker.

The universe seemed to back their decision when, six months later, Ellie discovered she was pregnant with twins! The joy of expecting two baby girls filled Ellie with excitement.

But sadly, the shadow of Leo loomed large. He constantly made critical remarks about Ellie’s appearance and ability to maintain the house: “You stay at home all day and still can’t keep the house or yourself clean. You have the time to go to the gym now, so do it.”

She Asked Him To Be More Sensitive

These comments hurt Ellie, especially because Leo knew her past struggles with anorexia. She tried communicating her hurt and asking him to be more sensitive, but he ignored her.

It wasn’t just Leo. His parents and Ellie’s mother dismissed her concerns, calling her ‘dramatic.’ Ellie felt isolated and confused.

The mystery behind Leo’s transformation became clearer one day when her 13-year-old sister-in-law showed her a video featuring Andrew Tate.

As they watched, they were making fun of Tate, and unfortunately, Leo walked in. His reaction was explosive!

“Just Stupid Women Who Will Never Be Able To Do a Man’s Job and That Andrew Tate Is One of the Only Men Who Understands the Modern-Day Stupidity of Gender Roles”

He went off at them, shouting that they’re just stupid women who will never be able to do a man’s job and that Andrew Tate is one of the only men who understands the modern-day stupidity of gender roles!

Leo clearly worshipped Tate, and Ellie was shocked at how angry he had become.

Before Ellie could react, her young sister-in-law boldly confronted Leo, calling him out for his sexist views. Ellie couldn’t help but giggle at the young girl’s bravery.

But her laughter was short-lived. Leo’s face darkened with rage. The room’s atmosphere shifted from awkwardness to danger in a split second!

Leo Raised His Hand and Tried To Hit Her Across the Face

In an act that stunned everyone in the room, Leo raised his hand and tried to hit Ellie across the face!

The aftermath was pure chaos. Her father-in-law yelled at Leo, but he didn’t give a hoot. Grabbing Ellie’s arm, he dragged her to the car while screaming at her for being “disgusting and disrespectful of his authority.”

The drive home was hell for Ellie, as Leo would not shut up. The love and trust that had once made their relationship a dream had been replaced with fear.

Ellie felt trapped and scared. She felt like an insecure 17-year-old trapped in a cage. What could she do next? She took to Reddit as her only outlet for advice and help.

Labeling It as Brainwashing Influenced by Andrew Tate

A wave of concerned Redditors rallied around Ellie. They emphasized the importance of her safety, particularly in light of her upcoming motherhood.

Many Redditors expressed grave concern over Ellie’s fiancé’s behavioral change, some even labeling it as brainwashing influenced by Andrew Tate.

They collectively agreed that Ellie needed to protect herself and her unborn twin girls from a man influenced by these beliefs.

Redditors expressed horror at the thought of young girls growing up with such a male role model, fearing they might normalize such abusive behavior.

“But the Moment He Smacked You Was the Point of No Return. Call off the Wedding. Get Out”

Some commenters offered practical escape strategies, like using a doctor’s appointment as a potential avenue to relay her situation without her fiancé’s knowledge safely.

Others even offered to assist her in locating domestic violence resources.

The overwhelming message from this Reddit community was crystal clear: Ellie deserved better, and she needed to act swiftly for the sake of her children and herself.

One user said, “As soon as I saw that your fiance is a 31-year-old man obsessed with Andrew Tate, I knew this was gonna be a mess. But the moment he smacked you was the point of no return. Call off the wedding. Get out. He’s not the man you fell in love with. Please contact your family for help. Or your friends. Anyone who can help you safely get out and live with.”

What would you suggest Ellie do? Let us know in the comments.

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