Bratty Behavior – She Upset Her Dad Because She Wanted to Go on Holiday with Her Stepdad Instead

A young woman took to Reddit recently to ask for opinions after she told her dad she’d rather take her dream trip to Ireland with her stepdad than with him. This is her full story.

Her Internship Fell Through

OP is an 18-year-old woman just finishing up her freshman year in college. She applied for several summer internships, but they all fell through, so she’s got some time on her hands.

When OP’s dad found out that her summer suddenly opened up, he asked her to take a trip to Ireland with her. It was something she had talked about since she was a little girl and one of her bucket list items.

But OP has mixed feelings about traveling with her dad.

His type A personality is on full display when he’s on the road, and OP finds it hard to relax and enjoy their time together thanks to her dad’s meticulous planning and need for control.

A Trip of a Lifetime with Her Dad

Not only does OP cringe at the idea of spending so much time alone with her father, she also has plans for part of the time she’d be away. She and her boyfriend already bought concert tickets to see a band they both love.

The concert falls in August during the time OP’s dad proposed their Ireland trip. It will be a special occasion for her and her boyfriend, and she doesn’t want to miss out.

But even though OP never actually agreed to go on the trip, her father began planning their itinerary.

He told her how thrilled he was that they were going to have the time together and gushed about how much he missed her while she was away at college.

He Was Thrilled to Plan Everything

OP’s dad felt like the hero for delivering on one of her childhood fantasies, and he was really getting into the planning.

But during a recent call, OP told her dad she couldn’t go on the trip because of her plans with her boyfriend.

Her dad scoffed at the importance of the concert but reluctantly offered to change the dates of their trip so she could do both. But OP didn’t think he sounded very happy about it.

Finally, OP just flat-out declined to go on the trip with her father. She told him that she would definitely go to Ireland someday, so he wouldn’t feel bad about her missing out on something she’d always wanted to do.

But She Wanted to Go With Her Stepdad

The real problem came about because OP added that she would go to Ireland with her stepfather, who was Irish and could show her around.

OP’s dad immediately fell silent, and then she could hear the hurt in his voice when he spoke again. He said he understood now that she’d rather spend time with her stepdad than with her real dad, and then he hung up.

OP told a friend about the situation, and the friend told her she should not only apologize to her father, but she should go on the trip to Ireland with him.

Now OP is confused about what to do. She still doesn’t want to travel with her dad, but she doesn’t want to hurt him, either.

He Wanted to Spend Quality Time with Her

Reddit commenters were not too sympathetic with OP after reading about her situation.

Most of them say that her dad is offering her a chance to fulfill a long held dream. And they mostly think it’s sweet that he wants to spend quality time with her.

Many of them say that even if OP wanted to decline the invitation from her dad, no way should she have said anything at all about her stepfather.

So, what do you think of this story? Is OP justified for blowing off her dad’s invitation?

Or should she suck it up and find a way to make the trip work?

And was it OK for her to tell her dad she would go to Ireland someday with her stepdad?

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