Brave Riders Were Left Upside Down for Hours After a Roller Coaster Malfunctioned – It Was a Heart-Stopping Rescue!

Terrifying roller coaster incident at a country fair leaves eight riders stranded upside down for hours, highlighting concerns about amusement park safety.

A Rollercoaster Ride Turned Upside Down

A thrilling weekend outing turned into a harrowing ordeal for eight adventurous roller coaster riders. 

Their fears about amusement park rides were vindicated when they found themselves trapped upside down for hours on a roller coaster at a country fair over the holiday weekend.

The terrifying incident occurred at the Forest County Festival in Crandon, Wisconsin on Sunday, July 2. 

As the Fireball roller coaster descended from a vertical loop, one of the cars suddenly became stuck, leaving its occupants stranded in an inverted position. 

The Rescue Ladders Were Not Long Enough

The cause of the malfunction was later determined to be a mechanical failure.

Within 15 minutes of the mishap, emergency personnel arrived at the scene, but they faced a significant challenge— the Crandon Fire Department did not possess ladders long enough to carry out the rescue operation.

Consequently, rescue equipment had to be swiftly brought in from a neighboring town located 45 minutes away. The clock ticked agonizingly as the first passengers were finally freed after an arduous two-hour wait. 

The remaining riders had to endure an additional hour and 40 minutes before they could feel solid ground beneath their feet again. 

An Off-Duty Firefighter Provided Guidance

The situation could have been even more protracted had it not been for the presence of an off-duty firefighter with specialized rope rescue training, who provided critical guidance to the local authorities.

The Crandon Fire Department and Crandon Area Rescue Squad released a joint statement explaining the complexities of the operation: “Due to the height of the ride, specialized technical rescue teams and mutual aid equipment were needed to remove riders from the ride.

Additionally, due to the release mechanism of safety equipment on individual cars, all individuals in a car needed to be properly secured prior to the release of safety equipment.”

Heart-Pounding Rescue Caught on Video

A bystander named Scott Brass managed to capture the heart-pounding rescue on video and shared it on Facebook.

In his post, Brass recounted how one little girl, trapped among the passengers, demonstrated remarkable courage by insisting that the rescuers attend to an older man who was struggling.

“That little girl deserves a medal of courage for sure,” he wrote.

Once safely on the ground, all eight passengers received medical attention from awaiting EMS personnel. One individual required transportation to a local hospital by ambulance.

A Chilling Ride

The extent and severity of their injuries remain undisclosed.

This day at the fair undoubtedly proved to be a far cry from what these brave riders had anticipated. 

The traumatic experience serves as a chilling reminder of the potential risks associated with amusement park attractions, leaving many to question the reliability and safety measures implemented by such establishments.

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