Paying For Perkiness: Breastfeeding Saved a Fortune on Formula So This Mom Is Demanding a Breast Lift!

One brave mother has suggested to her husband that she deserves a breast lift after claiming to have spent the last two years breastfeeding their child, saving the husband money on baby milk and formula in the process.

Mom Bod

Being a mother is tough, and it takes a toll on a woman’s body even before the baby arrives.

But what if a mother decides that she deserves something extra for all her sacrifices?

Avery Woods is a TikTok mum, and she wants her husband to pay for her breast lift surgery after two years of breastfeeding!

In a TikTok video captioned, “It’s well deserved,” Avery Woods puts forth her case for the world to see.

Breastfeeding Saved Money

Cradling the child she breastfed, she cleverly lip-syncs a man’s voice saying, “that’s what they saying.”

Not only did breastfeeding take a toll on Avery’s body, but she claims it has also saved the couple loads of money on expensive baby formula.

Her TikTok video quickly went viral, getting over 31k likes of support.

The response has been overwhelming, with thousands of viewers supporting her demand.

Paying for Perkiness

Some even shared their own experiences, claiming they’ve made similar requests to their partners, “I told my fiancé the same thing. These things aren’t perky anymore, so pay up.”

One enthusiastic supporter revealed a clever move in her prenup: No, because you deserve it. I put it in our prenup mine had to give me up to $20,000 in plastic surgery per kid. I’m getting a lift in 6 months.”

Sometimes breastfeeding can cause changes to the shape of the breasts, which is why in cases like these, women are demanding surgery to get their confidence back.

The High Price of Formula

Another argument as to why they should get breast surgery is because of how much money they saved the family on baby milk and formula.

Some users agree that they basically pay for the kids themselves by breastfeeding, “f u have 2+ kids for 2+ years you have literally paid for them.”

We’re yet to see if Avery’s husband will agree to the idea.

Do you think women have the right to get a breast lift after breastfeeding for so long? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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