Brian Christopher Slots Net Worth, Biography, Channel (Latest)

A big name in the world of slot YouTubers is Brian Christopher, who hosts the BCSlots YouTube channel. He tried his hand at becoming a full-time actor in Hollywood, but instead earned a reputation as a slot machine player. 

In 2018, after his channel was shut down by YouTube, Forbes published an article about him. Brian is among the most popular slot gamers, even more popular than Slotlady. 

Also, Brian is an able businessman. At the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, he opened Brian Christopher Slots at Plaza, an area branded as BCSlots. Fans of the YouTuber will no doubt make the venue a pilgrimage site.

Full Name or Real NameBrian Christopher
Date of birthFebruary 26, 1981
Age41 (as of 2022)
Birth PlaceUnited States
Brian Christopher Net Worth $3 million (Last updated 2022)

Brian Christopher Net Worth 

The net worth of Brian Christopher Slots is estimated to be $3 million (Last updated 2022)

Brian Christopher Slots Earnings from YouTube

Brian doesn’t disclose his earnings from YouTube videos. In spite of this, we can presume that earnings from playing slots are sufficient to keep playing them, given the high number of videos showing relatively large wins. 

Despite the fact that gambling videos cannot be monetized, this YouTube channel wouldn’t generate much income. Live streams would generate the only income. 

Patreon is obviously the major source of his net worth. BCSlots has 1949 patrons (as of September 2020). With the lowest pledge level being $5/month and the fact that his latest video descriptions mention six Associate Producers ($100), two Executive Producers ($500 pledge), and 11 Co-Producers ($50), Brian is likely to earn nearly $10,000 each month through Patreon.

It does not include merchandise from Brian’s online store or special events such as Rudy’s Weekend 2020 or the slot machine cruise. Despite this, the majority of the money goes to the creation of content. 

Video production, as Brian points out on his Patreon page, requires editors, social media managers, assistants, as well as photographers, and videographers. Moreover, travel expenses for casino trips are also expensive. 

According to the factors listed above, Brian Christopher probably invests most of his Patreon earnings into his online business or YouTube channel.

Brian Christopher Slots Biography

The son of an elementary teacher and a golf enthusiast, Brian Christopher was born on February 26, 1981, in Burlington, Canada. A younger brother of two, he is an uncle to more than a dozen nieces and nephews. Since 2008, he has been married to Marco.

With the help of his popular YouTube channel, Brian Christopher Slots, he is very well known and posts videos of his gambling endeavors every day. With over 451K subscribers, he has amassed a large following.

The BCSlots Channel 

In addition to his YouTube career, Brian was a short-lived actor, appearing in shows like The Listener and Stock and Awe, as well as a small role in The Leftovers.

The BCSlots channel was started by him as a hobby in 2016. As the channel’s subscriber count grew, he hired more staff and is at 451K subscribers as of December 2021. 

Daily videos are largely responsible for this success. In the videos, Brian visits various casinos, wins, loses, reacts, and regularly live-streams his gameplay. The fans that travel with him also engage in “Group Pulls,” in which they all wager on a single slot together.

Moreover, he has his own fan club called Rudies, which is his term for his subscribers. Members of his club are entitled to exclusive live streams and offer on his merchandise.

Suspension of his Channel 

His YouTube channel was suspended in June 2019 for violating Community Guidelines in a video. In fact, the video consisted of the same content as others and did not contain any dangerous acts, as YouTube claimed. 

There was a lot of drama surrounding it, and Forbes writer David G. Schwartz covered it extensively. Brian stated: “For them to turn around and shut me down with zero explanation hurts.” 

YouTube re-reviewed his channel after he filed an appeal, but he was denied. Youtube sent him a short message saying his channel had been reinstated. They did not apologize or explain what happened. YouTube might just do it again at some point, so he is no longer sure about the channel’s future. 

While he is stronger than ever and has the Rudies to fall back on, uncertainty about his future is troubling. Despite this, Brian Christopher never seems to stop. He won a $10,000 jackpot the same night that his channel was back online: You can watch it below:

Brian Christopher Slots