Bride Blocks Mother-In-Law’s Attention Seeking Antics So She Dresses as if to Marry Her Own Son

A decision made by Andy concerning his mother’s dress took center stage on his wedding day. This soon turned into a family dispute that would cloud the start of his marriage. Let’s take a look.

Mother-In-Law as Bridesmaid?

It began when Andy’s mom expressed her sadness about not being chosen as a bridesmaid.

Andy, empathizing with his mother’s feelings, believed she should have a wedding role.

At the very least, she might have joined the bridal party for makeup. It seemed an oversight by his soon-to-be wife, and by the time his mother voiced her feelings, it was too late to make changes.

No Last-Minute Changes

Trying to make amends, Andy approached his wife about possibly having his mother as a bridesmaid.

However, considering the wedding was only a month away, his wife declined.

She felt the stress of the impending day and didn’t want to manage the complications of a last-minute addition to the bridal party. Andy could understand her concerns.

Mama Wants the Limelight 

Still, his mom’s wish to be involved didn’t end there. She proposed singing or performing a song for Andy at their wedding.

But with a band already hired and paid for, both Andy and his wife decided against it. 

Andy’s mum really wanted to be involved in the wedding, so she suggested giving the groom away or walking him down the aisle.

Once again, his wife turned down the idea.

Mommy’s Boy Tries to Help 

Andy felt a tug of guilt. Each time his mother brought up an idea, his wife shot it down.

He tried convincing her to do something special for his mom, but his wife felt they had already done enough.

After all, they had planned to include her in the wedding photos and arranged for a solo dance between Andy and his mother to kick off the evening.

The Dress Code Was Crystal Clear

But the dress code debacle was still on the horizon.

Weeks before the wedding, Andy’s mom contacted him crying and revealed that she had expected his wife to choose a dress for her, as she was the groom’s mother.

This led to an argument between Andy and his wife, who were frustrated about communicating the dress code to her “over and over.”

She felt that if Andy’s mother wanted any further involvement, then it was up to Andy to guide her.

Fashion Advice Flaw 

Without a clue on how to pick out a dress or any knowledge of wedding fashion, Andy offered simple advice: the bridal party would be in neutral colors, while the groomsmen would have beige suits.

He thought this was all the guidance needed and trusted his mom to choose a lovely dress.

Little did he know what she would decide on…

The wedding day arrived, and so did his mom in her new dress.

Wicked in White

To his wife’s dismay, Andy’s mom wore a white dress! His wife was in absolute distress, feeling humiliated at the altar.

In her eyes, while she stood beside Andy, his mother was just a few feet away, seemingly in a wedding gown.

Andy tried to calm the situation, explaining that he hadn’t known what his mother would wear. He didn’t even think the dress resembled a wedding gown.

His wife, visibly angry, told him that the attendees were laughing at the sight, which he found hurtful.

Andy’s Defense 

Andy didn’t feel he was to blame and didn’t think his mother had done anything wrong. After all, white can be considered a neutral color.

If anything, he felt his wife could have taken charge of selecting his mother’s attire to avoid such misunderstandings.

But Andy was left with a burning question: Was he in the wrong? He had to ask Reddit their opinion, and they responded in droves of hundreds.

She’s Desperate For Attention

The majority of Redditors pointed out that it was clear knowledge in most cultures not to wear a white dress to a wedding unless you’re the bride.

Andy’s mother blatantly disregarded this rule, making her appear desperate for attention.

One user stated, “Your mother literally wore a tight, floor-length white lacy dress to your wedding. People probably were judging and laughing at her. People would have been looking at her and wondering why she’s so desperate to look bridal at her son’s wedding.”

Mom Destroying Marital Harmony

Some Redditors criticized Andy for being under his mother’s influence, with one stating, “Dude. Stop being manipulated by your mum, or you’re going to have an ex-wife and be back in mummy’s pocket.”

The sentiment was strong: boundaries are essential, and Andy needed to set them with his mother to ensure a harmonious marital relationship.

Many commenters questioned the appropriateness of Andy’s mother wanting to be a bridesmaid.

They stated that it’s rare for a mother-in-law to be part of the bridal party, especially as a bridesmaid. 

The First Dance With Mommy

This sentiment only deepened when Andy revealed that he danced with his mother before sharing a first dance with his wife.

Many saw this as a clear indication that his mother was attempting to make the wedding all about her, with one user writing, “You danced with your mom BEFORE your first dance with your wife????????????????”

But what do you think? Was Andy’s mum in the wrong for wearing white, or should his wife have provided clearer dress code instructions? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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