Bride Calls Security after Rageful Rant Drowns Out Romantic Song – Family Members Leave in Disgust

Barb’s wedding day was a dream in the making for a year and a half. She and her husband had carefully planned every detail of this super special celebration. Friends and family from around the world were coming to celebrate – it was going to be a day of utter joy. However, little did Barb know that her cousin Mike would try to turn her special day into a tale of humiliation and chaos.

Wedding Guest List 

They had carefully crafted the guest list; among the 83 invited, 32 were family members. 

One of those family members was Mike, Barb’s cousin. He brought with him a plus one, his girlfriend of three years. 

Barb didn’t know much about Mike’s girlfriend, having only met her briefly before. She didn’t harbor any particular feelings toward her, good or bad. She was completely indifferent.

An Emotional Ceremony Takes a Turn 

The wedding ceremony unfolded beautifully, with tears of happiness and emotion filling the room. Barb’s parents and Mike’s parents were all moved by the moment.

 The celebration continued with a champagne reception, setting the stage for the festivities to come.

However, as the day wore on, something unusual cropped up. The photographer approached her with a surprising revelation – he had seen Mike practicing a proposal! 

Not wanting to create any drama on her special day, Barb asked her maid of honor to tell him under no circumstance should he propose at Barb’s wedding. 

“You’re Next”

The maid of honor delivered the message, and it seemed like Mike had grasped the idea. However, when it came time for the bouquet toss, everything escalated quickly! 

Barb’s grandmother caught the bouquet, but when Barb turned around, she saw Mike approaching his girlfriend with another bouquet!

 He told her, “You’re next,” got down on one knee, and proposed in front of the entire crowd!

The atmosphere suddenly shifted from celebration to discomfort. Barb’s family members were cheering, but everyone else seemed deeply uncomfortable.

“Our Song” Drowned Out by Rageful Rant

Mike’s girlfriend cried tears of joy, jumping with excitement, and Mike turned around and shouted to the DJ to play “our song.”

Barb saw RED. In a fit of rage, she snatched the microphone and began a speech that she barely remembers. The gist of it was clear, though. 

She congratulated Mike and his “random girl,” expressing her hope that their marriage would be as selfish as their behavior at her wedding!

What Barb remembers saying is, “Even after asking you not to do this, you decided what you wanted was more important. Random girl, I hope you didn’t have any sort of boundaries that misaligned Mike’s. Because he is gonna bulldoze yours like he did with me. Mike is gonna do what Mike is gonna do. Forget you, Mike. Leave.”

Security Escorted the Engaged Couple Out

Tears streamed down Barb’s face as she ordered venue security to escort Mike and his girlfriend out of the wedding. 

When she returned to the party, she realized that her aunt and another cousin had also left. 

The celebration went on, and Barb eventually managed to enjoy the rest of her special day. After the wedding, she and her husband embarked on a spa weekend to unwind from the chaos.

When they returned from their slice of paradise, there was a mix of reactions from friends and family. Some friends had strong words about Mike and his actions, but some family members had sent messages suggesting that Barb had gone too far by humiliating him in front of strangers. 

“I Hope Random Girl Runs Far Away”

Barb felt like she was swallowing crazy pills, unsure of whether she was in the wrong. So she took to Reddit to find out what they thought.

The Reddit community rallied behind Barb, offering their support and unanimous verdict: She was in the right. 

They were quick to point out that Mike had been explicitly told not to propose but went ahead and did it anyway, making his actions entirely his responsibility. One user said, “Did he deserve getting blasted? Yes, he did. He ignored the warning & selfishly did it anyway.”

Many praised Barb for her strong response; some even called her a badass for her powerful speech! One Redditor said, “Lol, his own stupid ass embarrassed himself. Great speech, and I hope random girl runs far away.”

“Actions Have Consequences”

Redditors made it clear that Mike deserved the consequences of his actions and applauded Barb for her courage and honesty. 

One comment summed up the general sentiment, “Tell any family members giving you a hard time that you see where Mikey learned his bad manners. Reiterate that not only should Mike have known it is rude to propose at a wedding, but he was explicitly told not to do so. Any humiliation he experienced is his own doing. Actions have consequences.”

But what do you think? Did Barb go too far, or was her response warranted? Let us know your thoughts.

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