Bride-To-Be Adopts In-Laws’ Bigotry, Excludes LGBTQ+ Siblings From Wedding: Dad Withdraws Offer to Pay

A disappointed father riled up Redditors after he threatened to defund his daughter’s wedding if she didn’t change her guest list. He’s just trying to keep the family peace and do the right thing. Here is the whole story.

Wedding Plans

OP is a married 56-year-old man with five adult children. His middle daughter is 26 years old and planning her wedding.

OP’s daughter and her fiance have been together for four years, and everyone is excited to see them get married.

Since the daughter’s fiance and his family are from out of the country, OP is going to pay for the wedding. The exchange rate makes it impossible for the groom’s family to afford the ceremony.

Gay and Non Binary Kids

The bride-to-be is OP’s middle daughter. He also has a gay son who is 34 and a non binary child who is 31.

OP’s whole family, including his middle daughter, has always been supportive of his gay and nonbinary kids since they came out.

Recently, though, when the middle daughter was traveling, her two siblings came to visit OP and his wife. While they were there, the conversation turned to the upcoming wedding.

Upsetting Reason for Lack of Invite

OP was surprised to learn that neither of his children had received their invitations. At first, he thought maybe the invites just hadn’t gone out yet.

But OP’s other daughters joined in the conversation and said that they both had received their invitations.

OP’s blood started to boil as he imagined that his daughter had decided to exclude her siblings because of some LGBTQ bias he wasn’t aware of.

As soon as he could get away from the group, OP called his daughter to demand an explanation. What he heard confirmed his worst fears.

No Non-traditional Couples

OP’s daughter told him that her fiance’s family was very conservative. They were not comfortable with non-traditional couples attending the wedding.

That made it challenging for OP’s daughter to invite her siblings since both had husbands and both were raising adopted children.

OP could not believe his ears, and he snapped in anger.

First, OP told his daughter that he would not be walking her down the aisle if she didn’t invite all her siblings to the ceremony.

No Invite, No Check

What’s more, OP told the bride that he was no longer willing to pay for her wedding. Since her in-laws’ opinions were so important to her, he suggested they could pay for everything.

That conversation sent OP’s daughter into tears, and she ended up calling him an a-hole before hanging up on him.

With the wedding in danger of not happening at all, OP had to tell the rest of his family what had happened.

Family Torn Apart

All four of OP’s other children are on his side and think he did the right thing. His wife thinks he’s right, too, but she understands that her middle daughter is in a tough position.

Now, OP is concerned about his long-term relationship with his daughter and her fiance. But he’s sure he made the right call and stands by his decision to stand up for his other children.

Supporting Bigotry

Redditors almost unanimously support OP and the stand he took with his daughter. They think she is being a bigot by supporting her future in-laws’ own bigotry.

And many point out that they are controlling her, something which won’t stop once the wedding is done.

Some think OP dodged a bullet because his daughter appears to be using him for his money, even though she wants nothing to do with the rest of her family.

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