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Brightwheel is a classroom management app, and is a good way to let parents know what is happening in their child’s classroom. Especially useful for childcare centers, preschools, and nursery schools, but also suitable for managing children’s camps.

It demonstrated the effectiveness of one app in making a big difference to the way parents, teachers, and children interact, solving a variety of problems for those who are working together to raise the next generation.

Full NameBrightwheel
Official Website
About AppSmartphone management app for childcare institutions
Brightwheel FounderDave Vasen
SharkChris Sacca, Mark Cuban
Brightwheel Net Worth$600 Million (Last Updated 2022)

Brightwheel Net Worth

The company was funded with $10 million in February 2017 in A round of funding led by Lowercase Capital and Mark Cuban.

It raised a further $21 million in October 2018 from several notable investors including the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative – an investment firm founded by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook along with his wife Priscilla.

The company raised $55 million in another round of funding in February 2021, valuing it at $600 million.

Brightwheel services

Users can exchange text messages as well as images through the app. In addition, childcare institutions can take care of administrative duties related to attendance, billing, and staff management.

In this way, parents are able to keep track of their children’s development even if they are not present. By implementing the app, childcare centers save an hour or more every day by managing tasks that they’re already doing.

Founder’s story

If your spouse is on maternity leave and you have a six-month-old child, you may be reluctant to quit your job to start your own business. Dave Vasen, an entrepreneur from San Francisco took that risk when he left AltSchool in June 2014 to start KidCasa, later known as Brightwheel. The risk has been worth it.

It was his own daughter’s birth that inspired the creation of the app. Due to his experience in education technology, he knew the obstacles childcare facilities had to overcome. As a father, he wished to be more involved in his daughter’s life and be able to see her development without having to miss out on it because of his work commitments. It was enough of a motivation for Dave to leave his job and begin Brightwheel.

Brightwheel’s business model

Brightwheel makes money through a subscription-based model which allows it to be affordable for low-income areas. Its basic plan is free, including attendance tracking, real-time reports, photo sharing, apps for parents and teachers, billing, just one teacher, up to twenty students, and an online support center. There is no better free daycare software than this one.

Brightwheel shark tank appearance

A deal of $600,000 for 6.66% was accepted by Brightwheel in Season 7 Episode 26 of Shark Tank.

Since then, Brightwheel has become the industry leader for child care and education, serving preschools, daycares, summer camps, and after-school centers.