Brit Takes a Break from Sipping Tea to Enlighten Yanks on Proper Food Etiquette – Because, Clearly, They’ve Been Doing It All Wrong!

One British woman has turned to TikTok to close the debate between the two nations on whose language and food is superior. In the video, she calls out American food and American phrases, explaining why they’re wrong, and it’s fair to say Americans are not happy.

Davidson Responded to Americans Who Wonder Why Brits Call It “Chinese” Rather Than “Chinese Food”

The dispute between Americans and the Brits regarding their cherished Chinese cuisine began when a TikTok video from an American woman went viral.

She wondered how curry sauce, chow mein, and chips could be considered authentic Chinese dishes.

TikToker Zion Davidson has single-handedly ended this heated debate by claiming to expose the truth behind American food.

Davidson responded to Americans who wonder why Brits call it “Chinese” rather than “Chinese food.”

“In the UK – ‘Horse Riding.’ in America – ‘Horseback Riding.’ Please, Where Else Are You Supposed to Mount That Beast?”

“The reason that you guys don’t understand what we mean when we say things like, I’m going for a Chinese or I’m going for an Italian is because you lot (Americans) need everything spelled out for you like it’s your first day learning English.”

But she didn’t stop there. Davidson presented evidence to support her argument, highlighting the differences in US and British English.

“In the UK – ‘horse riding.’ In America – ‘horseback riding.’ Please, where else are you supposed to mount that beast?” she quipped.

Acknowledging that British Chinese takeaway food is not authentic, she clarified that no Brit thinks prawn toast dipped in curry sauce is real Chinese cuisine.

“My Grandad Is Fresher Than Your Produce, and He Died in 2008”

The most ruthless blow came when Davidson aimed at the state of food standards in America.

She fearlessly argued, “The audacity of Americans to come at any other country about their food choices. The quality of your produce should not be allowed to exist. My grandad is fresher than your produce, and he died in 2008.”

This epic TikTok video has reached 3.1 million views, and viewers are applauding Davidson for her witty and British sense of humor.

People from around the world have expressed admiration, “This is bang on 👏As an Australian…. I stand with you on the debate.”

One American Said, “We May Have Issues”

“IM AMERICAN, BUT WHO USES THAT MUCH SAUCE,” One American user wondered.

Another passionate American didn’t see the funny side, commenting, “We have better Food, Drinks, People, Economy, and Army. We may have issues. But at least we don’t sweep it under the carpet.”

Has Davidson closed the debate or do you have some more to say? Let us know in the comments.

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