Broke Uncle Wants Her House for a Steal: Refusing Could Cost Her a Family and a Wedding

A young homeowner had Redditors shaking their heads after she refused to sell her house to her uncle at a discount. Leave it to family to try and take advantage of you! Here is the whole story.

A Young Homeowner

OP is a 31-year-old woman who bought her first house in 2020. A former teacher gave her a deal to help her get started on her adult life.

Two years later, OP was engaged and getting ready to move into a new place with her fiance. In the meantime, she had made about $10,000 worth of improvements to her first house.

That same year, in 2022, OP’s uncle turned up very sick. He needed a liver transplant and had to stop working.

To make matters worse, OP’s uncle and his wife had made a lot of bad financial decisions, and they could no longer afford their mortgage.

Renting to Sick and Broke Family

Rather than letting her family land on the street, OP went ahead and moved out of her place and in with her fiance. She agreed to rent it to her uncle for $800 a month.

The uncle and his family were grateful for the place to stay and a more affordable price tag. But OP wanted to sell her house because she didn’t want to be a landlord forever.

So OP brought in a realtor to appraise the place and was shocked to find out it was worth about $30,000 more than she had paid.

Time to Sell

That was too good of a payday to pass up with a new house and marriage on the horizon. So OP decided the time was right to sell.

OP gave her uncle the first shot at buying her house, but he said the asking price was too steep.

Wanting to be nice to her family, OP knocked $ 5,000 off the price but told her uncle that was her bottom line.

That was still too rich for OP’s uncle’s blood, though. He wanted her to sell it to him for what she paid.

Ostracized for Asking for What It’s Worth

The uncle said that was the right thing to do since they were family and he was in a bad situation. He didn’t even consider the time and money OP put into the place while she lived there.

But OP refused to budge and told her aunt and uncle she would put the house on the market if they didn’t want to pay her price.

Now, pretty much the whole family has turned against OP, saying she’s selfish. Many of them have all but told her she’s no longer part of the family.

Even OP’s own father has turned on her.

Dad Won’t Pay Wedding Expenses

The plan all along was that OP’s dad was going to pay for the wedding, but now he’s pulled out of that deal. He says he won’t pay if she doesn’t cut her uncle a deal.

OP feels bad for her aunt and uncle, but she thinks they created their own problems. She doesn’t see why she should have to bail them out.

At the same time, OP doesn’t want to destroy the family over money. But $30,000 is huge for her right now, and she can’t just eat so much cash.

Unreasonable Expectations

Redditors almost unanimously agree with OP and think that she’s right for refusing to come down on her price.

Many of them even say she should rescind her initial discounted offer since real estate prices have escalated so rapidly.

They agree that the uncle is to blame for his own problems and has no right to expect his niece to save him.

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