Broken Trust and Unspoken Pain – Her Father’s Racism Tears Apart Their Young Family’s Bond

A young man whipped Redditors into a frenzy after he told his pregnant wife that she’s less of a person because of her decision. You won’t believe how her father played into all this! Here is the full story.

Expecting Their First Baby

OP is married, and his wife is pregnant with their first baby. OP also has a 6-year-old son from a previous relationship. The little boy is mixed race, as his mother is black and OP is not.

About three years ago, the little boy’s mom returned to school, and OP took primary custody of the child. Now OP considers his son’s best interests when making any decision, including those that involve his relationships.

OP met his future wife through work, and they started dating. He told her right away that he had a son. But OP didn’t want his new girlfriend to meet his child until he was sure it was a serious relationship.

OP was relieved when he finally introduced his then-girlfriend to his son, and they got along great. He was thrilled that he would be able to move forward with her.

Her Dad Worked at the Same Company

So OP expanded the circle by inviting his girlfriend and her father to dinner one night. The dad worked in a more senior role at the same company, and OP had already met him.

When the girlfriend’s dad walked in and saw OP’s son, OP knew there would be trouble. The older man acted awkward all evening and made strange comments about how the boy looked.

By the end of dinner, OP was pretty angry and confronted his girlfriend’s dad about his behavior. When the man had no good excuses, OP told him not to contact him outside of work.

And OP told his girlfriend he needed some time to cool off and didn’t want to see her for a while.

She Cut Off Contact With Her Dad

But a couple of weeks later, OP’s girlfriend came to him and told him that she had cut off contact with her dad because of how he acted.

That brought the couple closer together than ever. OP and his girlfriend left the company to escape from her dad.

Eventually, they got engaged, and OP’s new fiance told him she didn’t want her father at their wedding. That was more than fine with him.

But recently, OP’s wife told him she doesn’t want to return to her current job after her maternity leave ends.

Later, She Wanted Her Dad To Get To Know Their Baby

Instead, she revealed that she had been talking to her dad again for a couple of months, and he got her an interview at their old company. OP was shocked to hear this, but it only got worse.

OP’s wife went on to tell him that she wanted her dad to get to know their new baby. She wanted to know how OP felt about that.

Hurt and angry that she went behind his back, OP didn’t pull any punches in his reply.

OP told his wife that he considered her less of a person for striking up a relationship with her racist dad and hiding her actions.

She Started Crying at the Things He Said

That stung OP’s wife, and she started crying and called him mean for talking to her like that when she was pregnant.

OP admitted his harsh words but told her they fit her actions.

Now, after some time to cool off, OP wonders if he was overly cruel in how he answered his wife. He’s also really concerned about what the future holds for them.

Redditors strongly support OP in how he stood up to his wife in this situation.

Was He Unnecessarily Cruel to His Wife

Most of them think that any amount of racism deserves whatever harsh criticism comes as a result.

A few think OP was unnecessarily cruel to his wife, but even they tend to agree that it was all done in the heat of the moment she created.

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