Her Brother Stole Her Money and Her Future: How Could They Expect Her to Forgive Him?

A fed-up sister raised the ire of Redditors when she revealed that she refused to forgive her brother for stealing her money. Turns out, time does not heal all wounds. Here is the whole story.

Siblings Without a Real Bond

OP is a 33-year-old woman who has a 36-year-old brother. But even though they aren’t far apart in age, they’ve never been close.

There was never really any reason for the distance that OP can remember. They just never clicked like some of her friends did with their siblings.

Part of it might have been their upbringing. OP’s dad was in prison until she was 17, which left her mom to work two jobs.

So that left OP and her brother somewhat on their own, and they just never really hung out.

Working Hard, Saving Hard

When OP was 16, she got her first job and started making as much money as possible. Her savings grew quickly since she didn’t spend money on anything silly.

The same year, OP’s brother got one of his coworkers pregnant. After the baby was born, the mother struggled with postpartum depression and was hospitalized multiple times.

Concerned for the safety of his baby, OP’s young brother was able to get full custody of the child.

Bringing Baby Home

With nowhere else to go, OP’s brother brought the baby home to live with OP and their mother.

The apartment they lived in was small, and no one was really comfortable.

And, while OP continued to make and save money, her brother struggled to keep up with the costs of raising a baby.

OP’s brother often complained to her that he needed to find something better than his minimum-wage job to move out.

A Vanishing Act

Then, one morning when OP was 17, she woke up to find that her brother and the baby had vanished.

Over the next several days, the story about what had happened came out, and it was devastating to OP.

Desperate to improve his situation, OP’s brother had stolen her debit card and gone to the bank.

There, he cleaned out her account, returned home, and put her card back in her wallet.

He Stole Her Future

OP’s brother then used her money to move in with his new girlfriend, who wasn’t the baby’s mother.

Suddenly, OP’s future was in jeopardy since all the money she had saved for college was gone.

She wanted to go to the police, but her mother told her she couldn’t.

OP’s mom said that her brother really needed the money and that she should just let it drop.

So that’s what OP did, though she never forgave her brother.

Water Under the Bridge?

Eventually, OP’s dad got out of prison and ended up helping her pay for college. She built a life for herself and put the past behind her.

But OP never tried to speak to her brother again, and he never contacted her, either.

Recently, though, OP’s mom invited her to dinner at a local restaurant. When OP showed up, her brother was there, too.

OP’s mom and brother wanted her to let go of the past and move on as if nothing had happened.

Let Go of the Past

Her brother said she wouldn’t ruin the family over a little money, especially since it all went down so long ago.

But OP stood her ground and said she wanted nothing to do with her brother. She can’t trust him and doesn’t want him in her life.

Now, the rest of OP’s family is bombarding her with messages and calls telling her how wrong she is.

It has her second-guessing her decision, but she still thinks she’s right.

Time Doesn’t Change What He Did

Redditors mostly think OP is right, too. Most of them believe she should steer clear of her brother, no matter how long ago he stole the money.

Some point out that the brother was extremely lucky OP didn’t go to the police since the amount of money he took amounted to felony theft.

They think the entire family would be wise to let OP keep her distance from her brother.

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