Brumachen Net Worth, Wiki, Founder, Shark Tank, Current Status (Updated)

Brumachen is a firm that manufactures portable single-serving coffee makers and eco-friendly coffee pods. Ross Smith and Kweku Larbi founded the company.

Company NameBrumachen
FoundersKweku Larbi and Ross Smith
ProductSingle serve portable coffee brewer and biodegradable coffee pods
Current StatusIn Business
Brumachen Net Worth$10 Million (Last Updated 2022)

Brumachen Net Worth

As of right now, it’s hard to estimate Brumachen’s net worth, but it was valued at $10 million by the company’s founder in Shark Tank. However, his $10 million valuation cannot be justified by his 2021 sales.

Brumachen Overview

We all love coffee, but there is nothing better than freshly brewed coffee. The problem is, brewing takes a lot of time, which most of us don’t have. 

To resolve this dilemma, Kweku Larbi founded Brumachen along with Ross Smith, a well-known social media personality. They sell coffee pods and travel-friendly coffee brewers.

Founder’s Story

Co-founders and business partners, Kweku Larbi and Ross Smith created Brumachen together.

A native of Ghana, Kweku Larbi studied in the USA for a degree in Civil Engineering. During Larbi’s construction work, coffee became a necessary part of his daily routine.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any good coffee shops near his workplace. He therefore came up with the idea of making a portable coffee machine.

Brumachen began when he developed 3D-printed prototypes of portable single-serve brewers. Aside from that, he also created biodegradable capsules for coffee that he named Leaf Pods.

Ross Smith, another co-founder, has been a viral TikTok sensation who met Kweku while collaborating on social media. Kweku’s idea appealed to Ross, so he became a partner in the company. 

Their Kickstarter campaign in 2020 asked for $6,000. In the end, they raised  $41,553 from 470 investors.

Shark Tank Appearance

Even though their Kickstarter campaign was very well received, manufacturing and shipping proved to be a challenge. In 2021, they approached the Sharks for assistance. Their business was featured on the 12th season, seeking $1 million in equity for 10% ownership.

In their presentation to the sharks, Larbi and Smith stated that Brumachen costs $38 to brew and $120 to manufacture.  They revealed, however, that they were not making much money from sales. Unfortunately, no offer was made by the sharks.

Current Business Situation

Despite not getting the funding they requested, the founders received publicity that enabled them to sustain their business following Shark Tank. Although the business continues to operate, things are not going well for it.

It is only through the website that you can purchase the Brumachen pods and brewer. Since most of the recent Kickstarter comments have been negative, consumers are reluctant to make a purchase. Several customers complain that they haven’t received their order, while others complain their order arrived damaged.