Bud ‘Boycott’ After Transgender Collaboration Ridiculed: Conservatives Seem to Miss the Point Is to NOT Buy Beer!

Conservatives were put in their place by a TikTok video that’s gone viral of a user pointing out how ridiculous they looked when they “boycotted” Budweiser by throwing away beers, not realizing that they actually already gave the company money.

Boycott on Bud

Conservatives are facing ridicule for launching a boycott against Budweiser beer after the company partnered with trans activist and actress Dylan Mulvaney. 

The collaboration with the TikTok star didn’t sit well with some, leading to a controversial response.

The incident began when trans TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney shared an Instagram post featuring a collaboration with Bud Light, a subsidiary of Budweiser. 

In the post, she expressed her excitement about the company sending her a can featuring her image.

Disapproval of Partnership

The post quickly attracted attention, and some Conservatives decided to boycott Budweiser in response to the partnership with a transgender influencer.

He expressed his strong disapproval of the collaboration, aiming his anger at both Bud Light and its parent company, Anheuser-Busch.

TikTok users shared their thoughts on the Conservative’s alleged boycott of Budweiser. 

One hilarious video pointed out the irony of the boycott videos that have gone viral online.

Missing the Point

He pointed out that those throwing out their existing Bud Light cans wouldn’t affect the company since they already paid for the products.

“Boycott means don’t buy it not throw it out once you’ve already bought it,” the TikToker finished with.

One user asked those boycotting to send their discarded Bud Light to him and his friend, who would happily drink them. 

The background music featured lyrics saying “real American heroes,” highlighting the irony of the situation.

Purchases in Reaction

“It’s the principle,” one conservative TikTok user commented.

“The point… Then you… You’ve missed it completely,” Another tried to argue.

Some users claim that the company has lost money since the boycott, “and now look. they lost millions.”

One fiery user said, “Little do they know they are making the best commercial ever. I don’t even drink and I’m about to buy a case just to offset the transphobes.”

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