Bullying the Bride: Husband Steps in to Shield Her From Toxic Family Hazing

One bride was mocked and shamed at her own wedding by her disgraceful in-laws, a family of women who have a tradition of hazing their new family members before welcoming them to the family. They pranked their son’s new wife by turning up to the wedding all in white dresses!

Dominated by Strong Women

Dan is a man from a family dominated by strong women. 

His large family, consisting mainly of female members, has a peculiar way of welcoming new additions. 

They put them through “tests” and subject them to relentless teasing and roasting until, after months of this ordeal, they declare them worthy of being part of the family.

Dan’s world turned upside down when he introduced his then-girlfriend, now wife, to the family. 

A Warning

He explicitly warned the women against harassing or teasing her, but they disregarded his request and secretly mocked her on social media.

Dan confronted them, demanding apologies, and they finally did so.

The true test came at Dan’s wedding. 

Rumors circulated that the women planned to prank his wife by wearing white dresses, calling it the “ultimate test” to gauge her reaction.

Dan, determined to protect his wife’s special day, publicly warned against such behavior. 

White Wedding

But when the wedding arrived, one by one, the women showed up in white.

Dan stayed true to his word, demanding the white-dressed guests leave, even if it meant excluding his own mother. 

Dan felt awful and torn between family loyalty and his wife’s hurt feelings.

The aftermath led to arguments and exclusion from family gatherings.

Dan’s cousin took to social media to blast him, accusing his wife of insecurity.

Dan’s actions drew mixed reactions from the men in the family. 

Toxic Teasing Tradition

Some supported his stance against the toxic teasing tradition, while others saw it as an overreaction.

Mark, his dad, and his brother stand firmly against the practice, leading to heated disagreements with his mum and grandmother, who started the tradition.

After turning to Reddit, people were stunned by the behavior of the women.

A Very Good Husband

Some users labeled the family as “toxic,” “your family is toxic and I am so sad for your wife that they would do that, but also so happy for her that she has a husband who will support her and have her back.”

Another user argued that the bride should find a new set of in-laws, “If I were the bride’s family and saw this level of bullying I’d be persuading the bride that she can do a lot better.”

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