Burgergate. Influencer Threatened to Get Kicked Out of Restaurant for Using Silverware

This woman found herself in a shocking situation when a waitress called her out for eating her burger with a knife and fork. When the waitress threatens to kick her out, the woman demands to see a manager before claiming they replaced her burger with a salad.

Burger Joint Dining With a Knife and Fork

New York influencer Winta Zesu, @winta_zesu, claims that a server at a restaurant threatened to kick her out simply because she used silverware to eat her burger.

With over 9.2 million views and counting, Zesu’s video has sparked a heated debate among viewers.

The video begins with on-screen text reading, “She tried to kick me out because I used silverware for the burger.”

It then plunges into the dramatic exchange between Zesu and the server, whose face remains unseen.

“You Must Eat Your Burger With Bare Hands”

According to the video, the server insisted that she must eat her burger with bare hands as part of the restaurant’s rules.

Zesu defended her choice to use a fork and knife, stating that it was her usual way of eating a burger.

Tensions escalated as the server asked Zesu to leave, but she defiantly refused.

“Unfortunately, I’m not going to leave,” she asserted. “I’ve never heard of that rule before.”

“There’s No Way That’s Actually a Rule”

In a follow-up TikTok, Zesu revealed that the restaurant replaced her burger with a salad.

Commenters expressed disbelief at the incident, calling it outrageous.

“I wouldn’t have paid….demanded to see the sign that says the rule….contacted owners…” exclaimed one user.

Another shared their disbelief, “There’s no way that’s actually a rule.”

Would you stay in a restaurant that does this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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