Camgirling for Cancer? She’d Rather Punish Her Disapproving Sister than Save Her Nephew’s Life

A young woman riled up Redditors when she refused to pay for her nephew’s medical bills. It seems she only matters to her family when they need something. Here is the whole story.

Estranged Twin Sisters

OP is a 30-year-old woman with an estranged twin sister. While they resemble each other somewhat, it’s clear they are not identical.

OP has a career working as a cam girl online. She says she looks very wholesome and a “girl next door,” so no one in the offline world could guess what she does for a living.

OP’s twin sister, a single mother of 3, strongly disapproves of OP’s line of work. She thinks being a cam girl makes her sister trashy.

Because of her moral objections to OP’s career, the sister decided to cut off contact with OP completely.

A Devastating Diagnosis

OP’s twin went so far as to ban her from having any relationship with her niece and nephews, who are 12, 9, and 5 years old.

OP loves her sister’s kids, and being cut off from them has devastated her.

But OP’s sister was stubborn as a mule about the whole thing, and OP knew there was no changing her mind. She was just out of luck when it came to family ties.

Recently, OP found out that her five-year-old nephew has been diagnosed with cancer. It’s a dire situation that requires extensive medical care.

With no father in the picture, OP’s sister was left alone to not only care for her children but to cough up the money for the medical bills. It didn’t take too long before she was completely overwhelmed financially.

Overwhelming Medical Bills

Thanks to the mounting medical bills, OP’s sister needs to catch up on rent payments and other bills. Now, her landlord is threatening to evict her and the kids.

Desperate for help, the sister recently reached out to OP after completely shunning her for years. Not surprisingly, she wanted money to help pay her bills.

OP’s parents would love to help their other daughter, but they live on a fixed income. The best they can do is watch the kids frequently, which they do.

OP was shocked to hear from her sister and really didn’t want to give her any money. She pointed out that any money she could lend would be coming from her career as a cam girl.

Desperation Doesn’t Undo the Past 

At that point, though, OP’s sister was completely down on her luck and desperate for help. She didn’t really care where the money came from and didn’t want to hear any of OP’s lectures.

Between her cam girl work and her husband’s income, OP could easily afford to help out her sister. But she didn’t want to.

Even though her sister was in trouble, though, and was willing to accept any sort of money, OP said no. She didn’t want any part of her sister and her family.

As far as OP was concerned, her sister had disowned her. And OP doesn’t think you can take back that sort of thing and considers it a permanent decision.

Paying the Price for Prejudice

Now, OP’s family is upset with her and has accused her of abandoning her sister and her sick nephew.

But OP thinks her sister abandoned her years ago and now has to pay the price for that betrayal.

Redditors mostly agree with OP and think she is justified for refusing to help her sister. They believe the sister created the whole mess in the first place.

But some commenters point out that the sister’s kids are paying the price for her prejudice. They wonder if OP could find a way to compromise in order to make sure her nephew gets the treatment he needs.

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