Can Canada Break Free of Trudeau’s “Woke Ideology” – Conservatives Demand “Bodily Autonomy” and Safe Spaces for “Biological Women”

In the latest conservative debate in Canada, delegates showed their frustration at the current left-wing policies in place by arguing against trans rights, vaccine mandates, law enforcement, and more. Find out all the controversial takes right here.

“Bodily Autonomy” 

Delegates at the Canadian Conservative convention voted in favor of controversial social conservative policies that limit the rights of certain groups in society.

A majority of delegates supported limiting access to transgender health care for minors, a debate that has been ongoing in U.S. and Canadian politics for years.

Delegates voted against vaccine mandates, asserting Canadians’ right to “bodily autonomy” despite concerns of a new COVID variant.

About 69% of delegates agreed to prohibit young people from gender-affirming care, including hormone-related surgeries that promote the dominance of masculine or feminine properties.

“Please Protect Our Kids”

Michelle Badalich argued that Gender Dysphoria, the feeling of being uneasy in your current gender, is a mental health disorder and should be treated accordingly, “Please protect our kids,” she said before receiving applause.

Delegates voted overwhelmingly to support single-sex spaces restricted to “female persons” in order to protect “wives and daughters.”

Debate arose over the potentially discriminatory impact of policies on transgender and gender-diverse individuals, especially now they want transgender persons to be removed from women’s prisons, bathrooms, and dressing rooms.

Delegates argued that it’s essential to protect spaces for “biological women,” while some argue it violates trans rights.

“Liberal Incompetence”

Delegates urged to keep the focus on high living costs and “Liberal incompetence,” referring to current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Another show of support came from those who wish to impose stiffer penalties on sex offenders and pedophiles, “Children are little angels of the world,” a delegate named Logan said.

Medical professionals among delegates argue against vaccine mandates, “Justin Trudeau’s coercive, divisive and ineffective vaccine mandate is a violation of the human right to bodily autonomy.” Said Dr. Matt Strauss.

About 68% of delegates voted to “affirm Canadians have the freedom and right to refuse vaccines.”

“Woke Ideology”

Delegates aim to eliminate “woke ideology” from universities and workplaces, meaning that people will never be hired based on their skin color to promote representation. They also opposed mandatory diversity training in the workplace.

Delegates supported measures to counter foreign interference and improve veterans’ services.

They also advocated for a gradual transition to a lower carbon-use future while supporting the oil and gas industry.

Do any of these policies shock you? We’d love to hear your thoughts on Conservative Canada in the comments section.

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