‘Slow and Steady’ – Can the Ukrainian People Maintain the Morale and Resilience It’ll Take to Defeat Russia?

The Ukrainian conflict with Russia, now spanning over 18 months, has seen a notable shift in the sentiments of the Ukrainian people. While a majority still desire victory, the overall commitment to continue the war has lessened.

The Initial Expectations

When the conflict began in February 2022, many anticipated a swift Russian victory, with Kyiv expected to fall within weeks.

However, Ukraine’s tenacious resistance and logistical challenges within the Russian army transformed this into a protracted struggle.

Western countries have provided Ukraine with needed arms, bolstering their capacity to resist Russian advances.

This external support has played a significant role in sustaining the conflict.

The Slow But Steady Counteroffensive

In June 2023, Ukrainian forces initiated a long-anticipated counteroffensive, primarily focused on reclaiming the occupied South.

Progress has been deliberate, yet Ukraine claims recent victories in breaching Russian defenses. While a majority across Ukraine supports continuing the fight, this sentiment is not uniform.

Regions closest to the front line, including the North and West, display higher support for continuing the war.

Conversely, in the South and East areas more directly affected by the conflict, support for a swift resolution is more pronounced.

The Role of President Zelenskyy

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a pivotal figure in garnering national support for the war. His remarkably high approval ratings in 2023 significantly influenced the public’s stance on fighting to victory.

Ukrainians who advocate fighting until victory are unequivocal about what constitutes success: regaining all territory lost between 2014 and the present, including Crimea. This unwavering stance highlights the significance of Crimea in the conflict.

Crimea has been at the heart of the conflict since 2014, when it came under Russian control. Some even say that Ukraine’s determination to recapture the peninsula by any means necessary is a testament to its importance.

Unwavering Faith in the Military

Ukrainians maintain unwavering faith in their military, with 95% expressing confidence in their armed forces in 2023.

This faith is consistent with the early days of the conflict. As the war continues, concerns arise regarding maintaining adequate military recruitment levels for sustained conflict. Recruitment campaigns aim to encourage enlistment in an institution widely trusted by Ukrainians.

Gallup’s 2023 surveys indicate that some Ukrainians have shifted their views in the past year, favoring a quicker resolution to end the fighting.

Sustaining public support for the ongoing conflict is paramount, particularly given the clear definition of victory as the restoration of territorial sovereignty, including Crimea.

The Toll of the Conflict

The toll of the conflict is visible in the personal tragedies and casualties endured daily by the Ukrainian population.

Despite these hardships, a portion of the populace remains steadfast in their hope for a victorious end to the war.

Still, the hope for an end to the conflict remains a shared aspiration among many Ukrainians, who long for the day when the war is over and the nation can begin to heal.

While Ukrainian commitment to victory in the conflict has waned over time, the desire to reclaim lost territory, including Crimea, remains a powerful motivator.

The resilience of the Ukrainian people in the face of protracted conflict is a testament to their determination and hope for a better future.

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