Can Transgender Women Breastfeed? Transgender Parent’s Claim to Breastfeed Sparks Intense Debate – A Progressive Milestone or Risky Endeavor?

A non-binary, trans person, nominal.naomi, is at the center of a heated debate as they assert their ability to induce lactation and breastfeed an infant. 

Trans Woman Embraces “Queer Joy”

Nominal.naomi, who identifies as a trans woman, argues that this achievement is crucial to embracing “queer joy.”

However, concerns have been raised about the welfare of the child. Noninal.naomi tweeted, “I am literally adopting my partner’s children from a prior marriage.”

Nominal.naomi defends their actions by sharing images of the infant being fed from a bottle allegedly filled with their own breast milk, and they reference medical literature supporting the possibility of lactation in trans women through hormone therapy.

Engaging with critics like Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles, nominal.naomi challenges them with conservative rhetoric, stating that scientific evidence proves the safety and healthiness of lactation in trans women.

“Just Because You Can Produce Nipple Fluid Doesn’t Mean It’s as Good for a Baby as the Mother’s Milk”

Critics, however, highlight that these endeavors appear to prioritize personal aspirations over the well-being and safety of the infant.

“Just because you can produce nipple fluid doesn’t mean it’s as good for a baby as the mother’s milk.” one concerned user wrote.

As nominal.naomi attempts to justify their actions, they refer to the Newman Goldfarb protocol—a method designed for inducing lactation in adoptive mothers.

While nominal.naomi adamantly claims that the substance produced is milk, they do not address the biological limitation that lactation is a natural process confined to female mammals.

“Fetishistic” Fantasies Rather Than the Best Interests of the Child

Detractors argue that nominal.naomi’s actions prioritize “fetishistic” fantasies rather than the best interests of the child.

“And how much are you ‘pumping’? Enough to feed a child several times a day?” another questioned.

Many readers were on the side of the new parent, and gave encouraging words and comments on the posts.

“I’m So Sorry for All These Hateful Bigots”

“Reading through these comments is so heartbreaking. I’m sorry these people are talking to you this way, it’s abhorrent,” one supporter said.

“CONGRATS!!! I’m sure this must be incredible to see happen! I’m so sorry for all these hateful bigots. I’m so happy for you and your partner!!! another exclaimed.

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