Cartwheels in the Terminal: When One Glass of Wine Unleashes Your Inner Gymnast!

In this viral video, one flight attendant battles a couple who appear to be drunk, although they completely deny it! The flight attendant refuses to let them board the plane as they abuse the worker, trying to convince her that they aren’t intoxicated.

They Were Denied Boarding

A couple finds themselves in a heated argument with a flight attendant after being denied boarding due to one of them allegedly showing signs of intoxication.

The tense exchange was captured on video and has gone viral on social media, leaving viewers stunned!

The video was reposted by the Twitter account Crazy Clips, @crazyclipsonly, and has sparked debate on social media.

The confrontation starts with the flight attendant expressing concern over the safety of the aircraft, saying, “You guys are jeopardizing the safety of this aircraft, so I’m threatened by both of you.”

“We Were Doing ‘Cartwheels and Backbends’ With Children”

As tensions escalate, the passenger denies being intoxicated and demands a sobriety test.

They claim to have been doing innocent activities with children while waiting for the flight, saying, “We were doing ‘cartwheels and backbends’ with children.”

The flight attendant remains firm, telling them to leave and adding, “You’re engaging, you’re loud, you want attention from everybody.

To justify the decision, the flight attendant revealed that the passenger was seen drinking alcohol before boarding.

Is One Single Glass of Wine Over the Limit?

The passenger admits to having had a single glass of wine, but they question whether they seemed drunk at that moment.

The flight attendant’s swift and direct response states, “Yeah, you do. You aren’t following any sort of instructions that any of us are asking you to do.”

The couple insists on their right to board while the flight attendant explains airline guidelines.

The flight attendant also requests not to be recorded and reminds the couple that they need her permission to film.

“Sorry, but if You Can’t Behave Like a Mature Adult, Then You Don’t Get To Ride”

Social media users who came across the video expressed a range of opinions.

One Twitter user wrote, “Sorry, but if you can’t behave like a mature adult, then you don’t get to ride. Bus drivers refuse service to disruptive passengers, flight crew defiantly have to.”

Another user supported the flight attendant’s actions, stating, “That flight attendant was absolutely appropriate. Did you hear the lady’s own admission of her behavior?”

Do you think the couple were being truthful or were they clearly intoxicated? We want to hear from you in the comments.

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