Cat Towergate – A Purrfect Tale of Catty Revenge Against His Rude Neighbors

This story of revenge comes to us from a man with a great story. He’d had a frustrating encounter with two very entitled people – luckily, his daughter helped him get some revenge!

He Loved His Five Cats

Earl, a proud owner of five playful cats, had recently purchased a new cat tower to replace the worn-out one that had seen better days.

The old tower had endured its fair share of abuse, with torn carpet and sisal, vomit stains, and even a decapitated hanging mouse. It was time for an upgrade!

After setting up the new tower, Earl realized that none of his friends were interested in taking the old one off his hands. So, he decided to leave it by the curb, knowing that the large trash pickup day was just around the corner.

According to the neighborhood rules, as long as the item didn’t sit on the curb for more than a week, there would be no consequences. Easy peasy, right? Well, enter Ken and Kaz, who had other plans for the cat tower.

There Were Unfamiliar Faces at His Front Door

Working from home in his office at the back of the house, Earl received a notification from his front door camera one morning around 10 am.

He was in a meeting with his boss and quickly checked the app to see two unfamiliar faces at his door. Not recognizing Ken and Kaz, Earl went back to his meeting without giving it much thought.

But little did he know they were about to become major players in this cat tower saga.

About 45 minutes later, the doorbell rang again, and this time Earl was free to investigate. Assuming it was a delivery, he checked the app and saw the familiar delivery guy.

They Were at the Front Door Again with the Cat Tower

So, he headed to the front porch to collect his packages, unaware of the impending confrontation.

As he opened the door, he heard the notification sound on his phone, only to find Ken and Kaz standing there, holding his packages and the cat tower.

Earl: “Can I help you?”

Ken: “We’re interested in the cat tower.”

“Go for It! It’s Been Left Out for Large Trash”

Earl: “Go for it! It’s been left out for large trash. You can have it. But may I have my packages, please?”

Kaz: “The tower’s carpet and sisal are torn. You’ll need to fix that before we take it. And there’s vomit on it that needs cleaning.”

Earl: “I’m not going to fix anything. We’re throwing it away. If you want it, take it. If not, it’ll be picked up with the large trash later this week. Now, can I have my packages, please?”

Ken: (at this point, he realizes Earl isn’t bothered by the tower’s condition) “Well, we still want the tower. I’ll just leave it on your porch, and we’ll come back with our truck this weekend to pick it up.” 

“I Don’t Want It on My Porch”

Earl: “That won’t work for us. We’re trying to get rid of the tower, and I don’t want it on my porch. That’s why it’s on the curb. If you want it and can’t take it now, I won’t hold it for you. PLEASE GIVE ME MY PACKAGES.”

Just as Earl was about to lose his temper with Ken and Kaz, his grizzled biker-looking neighbor, a retired military man, pulled up in his trusty pickup truck.

This neighbor, though soft-hearted, had a protective streak, especially when it came to Earl and his two daughters.

The neighbor called out to Earl and made his way over to the porch. Ken, sensing trouble, hastily handed back the packages and suggested leaving the tower on the porch for later pickup.

The Cat Tower Was Back on His Porch!

But Earl wasn’t having any of it. Once Ken and Kaz walked away, Earl turned to his neighbor and asked for help in carrying the cat tower back down to the curb.

Later on, when Earl ran an errand and returned home, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The cat tower was back on his porch!

Frustrated and bewildered, he shared the day’s happenings with his 19-year-old daughter, who had just returned from class. She rolled her eyes, groaned, and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Earl: “What did you do?”

“It Was Really Easy Once I Took It Apart!”

Daughter: “Took the cat tower back down to the curb.”

Earl: “How? That thing is heavy as hell.”

Daughter: “It was really easy once I took it apart. I put all the hardware in this zip lock bag that accidentally fell into the trash can with the used cat litter!”

His Cunning Daughter Saved the Day

Earl’s daughter had saved the day! If Ken and Kaz still wanted the cat tower, it was still available to them.

However, they would have to embark on a little dumpster diving adventure to retrieve the hardware! Earl couldn’t help but smile at the poetic justice of it all. Revenge had never smelt so purrfect!

What do you think about this story? Have you ever had an encounter with people as rude as this?

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