Putin and Kim Jong UN’s Secret Talks Raise Concerns of a ‘Nuclear Arms Race’… The World Is Watching

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In an unexpected turn, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently crossed the Russian border for secret talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Here’s the whole story. Arms Deals and Strategic Cooperation The timing of Kim’s visit is critical, as it coincides with a Ukrainian counter-offensive against Russian forces. This escalation in Ukraine has prompted … Read more

‘Male’ Muslim Dad Takes a Stand as He Opposes ‘Gender-Mutilating Surgery’ and Demands Parental Rights in Maryland Schools

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In Maryland, a Muslim father, Kareem Monib, a father of four sons, has taken a stand against what he views as the imposition of gender ideology in classrooms. Here’s the whole story. “Gender-Mutilating Surgery” The controversy began when the Maryland House of Delegates voted to allocate state funding for “gender-affirming treatments,” a term that Monib … Read more

Trump Celebrates Romney’s Retirement: ‘FANTASTIC NEWS for America, Utah, and the GOP!

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Former President Donald Trump took to his Truth Social platform to celebrate the announcement that Senator Mitt Romney, the prominent Republican, will not seek reelection to the Senate. Here’s the whole story. “It’s Time for a New Generation of Leaders” Romney’s decision, citing his age and the need for a new generation of leaders, has … Read more

Debunked? The Anti-Vax Movement’s Latest COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

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In contradiction to new guidance from federal health authorities, Gov. Ron DeSantis and his administration are telling Floridians under 65 to forgo getting newly approved COVID-19 booster shots. This is how the situation developed. All Americans Six Months and Older Receive an Updated COVID-19 Vaccine This week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the … Read more

“He’s Trump’s Little Monkey” – White House Fires Back McCarthy’s Biden Impeachment Inquiry Branded ‘Baseless’ and ‘Trump-Driven’

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The White House has slammed speaker Kevin McCarthy after he officially initiated an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, accusing him of “abuse of power” and being involved in a “culture of corruption” related to his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. Here’s the whole story. No Conclusive Evidence The impeachment inquiry announcement by Speaker … Read more

“They ARE Coming for the Children” – Shocking Senate Showdown as Explicit Book Passages Ignite Heated Debate on Children’s Literature in Schools

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In a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Senator John Kennedy ignited a heated debate by reading explicit, graphic passages from books available in Illinois schools. Here’s the whole story. During the hearing, Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulis, a witness at the session, appeared visibly uncomfortable and “disturbed” as Senator Kennedy, a 71-year-old lawmaker, read … Read more

Texan School’s Hair-Raising Dilemma – Does the CROWN Act Reign Supreme, or Will the Dress Code Prevail?

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A Black student in Texas faces suspension over his loc hairstyle, sparking debate about the state’s recent CROWN Act that intends to prevent discrimination based on hairstyles and textures. Here’s the whole story. Suspension Over Loc Hairstyle In a move that challenges the recently implemented Texas CROWN Act, Darryl George, a junior at Barbers Hill … Read more

Justice in the Parking Lot – How One Woman Took on a Common Karen and Left Her with a $1,000 Lesson

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Lola’s ordinary trip to Target quickly became an unexpected quest for justice when she encountered a carelessly parked vehicle. This is the story of how one woman stood up against inconsiderate behavior, championing the rights of the disabled community. Double Parked in a Disabled Spot! Lola had simple intentions: She was headed to Target, armed … Read more