‘Starvation or Death by Diabetic Ketoacidosis?’ – “Terrible Choice” as CA Governor Vetoes Insulin Price Cap

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California Governor Gavin Newsom’s veto of a bill to cap insulin prices at $35 creates a harsh dilemma for diabetics, leaving them grappling with exorbitant costs to stay alive.  No Insulin Price Cap In a move met with disappointment from diabetics across the state, California Governor Gavin Newsom has vetoed a crucial bill that aimed … Read more

‘The Pivotal Political Pendulum’ – Will Wisconsin Swing in Biden’s Favor?

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A recent survey conducted in Wisconsin provides insights into the political landscape of this crucial swing state.  Emerson College Polling The survey, conducted by Emerson College Polling in October 2023, highlights a variety of factors, including voter preferences, opinions on the legitimacy of past elections, and approval ratings for key politicians in the state.  “In … Read more

‘Bidenflation’ Soars to 17%: American Wallets Crumble Under the Brutal Weight of ‘Bidenomics’ – How Will You Survive?

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When it comes to the state of the economy and the impact of President Biden’s policies, the term “Bidenomics” and its consequences have garnered significant attention. Among these consequences, one issue stands out: Bidenflation, which has recently reached a staggering 17.0%. This sharp increase indicates substantial inflation under President Biden’s policies, posing significant challenges to … Read more

“Start Questioning All Vaccines” Inoculation Correlation with Infant Mortality Triggers Calls for Closer Scrutiny

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In the midst of ongoing debates surrounding the safety and necessity of childhood vaccinations, it’s crucial to take a comprehensive approach to understanding the implications of these medical interventions. Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated vaccinations, the broader question of the long-term effects of childhood vaccines warrants examination.  Childhood Deaths: A Curious Decline Recent … Read more

Exposed: “Abusing Your Authority” – Trump’s Ally Accused of Sabotaging Congressional Investigation

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The Republican-led House Judiciary Committee has opened a congressional investigation into Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis following the indictment of former President Donald Trump for alleged interference in Georgia’s 2020 election. Questions on Coordination The committee sent a letter to Willis, inquiring about her communications and coordination with the Justice Department, which had indicted … Read more

“They Eat Their Young”: Trump’s Cryptic Critique of Republican “Losers” and “RINOS” Baffles Many

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Donald Trump has made strange claims to his supporters in a new video posted to Truth Social, including the statement that GOP members “eat their young.” Here’s the story.  A Strange Video In a video posted on his social media platform Truth Social, the former President and Republican frontrunner made bizarre claims that GOP members … Read more

Trans ‘Sorority Sister’ Triumphs – Women’s Accusations of ”Voyeuristic Peeping” and Predatory Behavior Dismissed by Wyoming Court

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A recent lawsuit to dismiss transgender student Artemis Langford from a University of Wisconsin sorority has been dismissed. An emotional Langford has welcomed the dismissal after accusations of being a “predator” and making sorority sisters “uncomfortable” have dogged her first year of college.  A Polarizing Lawsuit A young transgender student at the University of Wyoming … Read more

“Mike Pence and I Are Gay” and “Here’s the Proof!” – Heckler’s Scandalous Allegation Leave Pence Lost for Words

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Mike Pence appeared at the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office this week to officially file for the state’s primary ballot. While speaking with the press about his decision to run for President, a heckler shouted, “Mike Pence and I are gay,” and promised to show “proof.” Pence Visited New Hampshire to File for the … Read more

“The Black Experience”: Is Teaching the Full Scope of African-American History Really “Woke” Political “Indoctrination?”

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Susan Miller Dorsey Senior High School has been the target of controversy with its new Advanced Placement African-American Studies course, which aims to teach students about the “Black experience.” Here’s the full story.  New Class Causes Controversy “It’s the truth” – A new AP class at Susan Miller Dorsey Senior High School in Los Angeles … Read more