Chad’s Red Flag: He Thinks Her Diverse Circle of Friends Mean She’s Insecure – Outing His Judgemental Attitude

This tale follows Chad, who was in hot water and looking to the Reddit community to get him out of it. He had questioned his girlfriend’s choice of friends, and it hadn’t gone down well. Let’s take a look at his predicament.

Meeting the Right Woman

Chad, a 28-year-old guy, had started dating a lovely 27-year-old lady about four months ago. From the start, things felt just right.

She was not only beautiful but also smart, funny, and kind-hearted.

They liked the same stuff and had so much fun together. She was smart too, with a great job, and seemed to be doing so well in life.

It was just the two of them for the first couple of months. But then, she began introducing Chad to her friends.

The first time, they went out with a gay couple. They were great fun, so Chad didn’t think much about it.

Noticing Differences

But soon after, he met a few more of her pals at a friendly potluck.

One of her friends was in a wheelchair, while another was quite short, shorter than most adults. Chad still didn’t make a big deal out of it. People are just people, right?

However, the next meeting threw him off a bit. They had brunch with her coworker, who was a trans person and still early in their transitioning journey.

Her brother was also there, and Chad learned he had only one leg and used a prosthetic. 

Now Chad started to wonder. Why did this amazing lady, who seemed to have everything going for her, only have friends with struggles?

A Bizarre Question

He couldn’t hold back his questions. He asked her directly if she had friends without apparent disabilities or challenges because, so far, he had only met those who did.

What a bizarre question. 

She seemed bothered by his question, but Chad didn’t stop there. He suggested that she might have low self-esteem, and that’s why she forms relationships with people who “are worse off than her so she can feel better about herself.”

Shockingly, he suggested she try therapy, thinking it might help her!

Chad wasn’t saying this out of nowhere. She had told him before that she had taken medicine for anxiety.

The Silent Treatment

In his mind, he was trying to be helpful and wanted to support her. But it seemed he made a mistake. She was INCREDIBLY upset.

She immediately stopped responding to the conversation and mostly gave him the silent treatment. For almost a week, she wouldn’t start conversations and only occasionally sent him short, cold texts in response to him.

Chad was now left wondering. He thought he was being caring. But from her reaction, it looked like he had hurt her feelings. Did he do something really wrong? 

He felt lost. Did he overstep? He just wanted to understand and be there for her. But maybe he went about it the wrong way.

That’s why he turned to the Reddit community for advice. And boy, did they let him have it!

Judgement on Physical Characteristics

The overwhelming response from Redditors was that Chad was in the wrong. Many were quick to call him out with comments like, “You’re wrong, and what kind of person judges someone’s friends based on their physical characteristics?” 

The sentiment was widespread that Chad’s perspective on her friends – whether they were gay, trans, disabled, or short – was prejudiced and misplaced.

One Redditor pointed out, “Being straight or tall doesn’t make someone better.”

Some comments also highlighted the fact that among the friends Chad mentioned, only two had physical disabilities, and one was her brother – implying that Chad was mistakenly equating being gay or trans with having a disability.

Others praised the girlfriend’s empathy and compassion for having a diverse circle of friends, while Chad’s judgement of them was seen as a massive red flag.

Hopefully, with this feedback from the community, Chad can get back on his girlfriend’s good side.

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