“Charges on Charges” – More Bad News for Trump: Judge Identifies Conflict of Interest in His Legal Defense

Legal Conflict Surrounding Trump’s Co-Defendants – Examine Whether There is a Conflict of Interest?

More Legal Woes for Trump

In a significant legal case, a federal judge is set to examine potential conflicts of interest in the legal representation of Donald Trump’s co-defendants, Walt Nauta and Carlos De Oliveira. 

These co-defendants face charges related to obstructing the U.S. Department of Justice in its attempt to recover classified documents from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club. 

The outcome of this hearing could have substantial implications, particularly as Trump’s lawyers and the co-defendants’ lawyers are part of an informal joint defense agreement. 

The central issue under scrutiny is whether the lawyers representing Nauta and De Oliveira have conflicts of interest due to their past legal dealings with potential trial witnesses. 

Charges on Charges

Donald Trump, Walt Nauta, and Carlos De Oliveira were initially charged with offenses related to Trump’s retention of national defense documents and alleged conspiracy with Nauta to obstruct justice. 

Later, in July, additional charges were filed against all three in a superseding indictment. 

The primary concern raised by prosecutors is related to conflicts of interest in legal representation. 

Specifically, it centers on the lawyers for Nauta and De Oliveira, Stanley Woodward and John Irving, who have also represented individuals that prosecutors are considering as trial witnesses. 

Finally, a Smart Move

Stanley Woodward, Nauta’s lawyer, previously represented multiple Trump employees during the criminal investigation. 

This includes Yuscil Taveras, the Mar-a-Lago IT director. Taveras initially retained Woodward, whose legal fees were covered by Trump’s political action committee. 

However, Taveras later decided to hire an independent lawyer and provided additional evidence to prosecutors. 

This evidence implicated Nauta and De Oliveira in attempting to delete surveillance footage showing the concealment of boxes containing classified documents. 

Sixth Amendment Violation

Prosecutors argue that Woodward’s past representation of these witnesses may affect his ability to defend Nauta vigorously. 

They express concerns that this could result in Nauta later claiming a violation of his Sixth Amendment right to effective counsel.

John Irving, the lawyer for Carlos De Oliveira, faces similar concerns. He previously represented three witnesses referred to imaginatively as “Witness 1,” “Witness 2,” and “Trump employee 3.” 

These witnesses may be called upon to testify against De Oliveira. 


Witness 1, in particular, provided information inconsistent with De Oliveira’s statements and claimed that De Oliveira assisted in changing a lock at Mar-a-Lago after classified documents were moved there. 

Woodward and Irving have denied these conflict-of-interest claims. They argue that the prior representations are irrelevant because they played no role in coaching the witnesses or acting improperly. 

Additionally, Woodward questioned the basis for seeking a conflict hearing, asserting that federal rules only mandate an investigation when representing two or more defendants, not just witnesses. 

However, Irving contended that the potential conflict does not exist anymore because he no longer represents the three witnesses, and his co-counsel would handle the cross-examination at trial.

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