Charleston White Net Worth, Biography, Wiki (Updated)

Charleston White would undoubtedly be included in any list of notorious teens in Texas. Although, after being released from prison, Charleston White is now a completely different person, free of his criminal past.

Currently, in his fifties, he has gotten quite a buzz on the internet. Several people have referred to him as an “instant celebrity,” but others criticize his role as an informant and a snitch. 

Full nameCharleston White
Birth Year1969
Age53 (as of 2022)
Birth PlaceFort Worth, Texas, United States
ProfessionMotivational speaker
Marital statusMarried
EducationTexas Wesleyan University

Charleston White Net Worth

As of right now, we do not know exactly how much Charlotte White’s net worth is.

Charleston owns Hyped about HYPE Youth Outreach. A motivational speaker, he is also an active member of the community.

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The YouTube videos of White have also received a massive following, as over 100K subscribers have subscribed to his channel. 

Charleston White Overview

Charleston White caught the attention of the public after he made a controversial statement regarding DMX and George Floyd, both of whom have now been deceased.

In his teenage years, Charleston became heavily involved in drug crime. This resulted in him being arrested time and time again.

White was not just jailed, but he was also sentenced to prison. In spite of that, White made a decision to change his life after he left the adult rehabilitation program.

Charleston White is sometimes called a snitch by some and accused of passing on gang information to the police. In spite of this, he told his story to encourage people not to repeat his mistakes.

“I am Charleston. I was arrested multiple times for theft and other crimes, but my youth kept me from seeing just how destructive those actions were, even if I didn’t want to admit it at the time. Fortunately, I was released from jail when I was old enough to realize that justice, in some cases, really is a matter of perspective – significantly closer to home. After getting out of jail, I decided that as much as life would have wanted me to give up on myself, people who loved me wanted me to fight for myself and try again instead.”

Charleston White inspired countless people who feel hopeless by sharing his life’s journey. Charleston White is not only an inspirational speaker, but he is also a YouTuber who shares a lot of visual content on his channel.

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Charleston White Personal Life

He is a married man and has two children, however under legal restrictions; he is not allowed to reveal any details about his family.

Also, he does not want his relationship and their marriage to become a topic of media interviews.