“Child Abuse” – 7-Year-Old Daughter Permanently Scarred after ‘Cool Aunt’ Made Shocking Choice

A 7-year-old girl’s aunt tattooed her leg without permission, and now her mother might call child protection services and the police.

‘Cool Aunt’ Took Things Too Far

A mother’s TikTok account turned into a platform for outrage and concern when she shared a distressing incident involving her 7-year-old daughter, Jayde, and her daughter’s aunt during a visit to California. 

The young girl, apparently with her mother’s refusal to get a tattoo over the phone fresh in her mind, sought permission for a tattoo from her aunt. 

Little did Jayde’s mother know that her daughter would be returning from the trip with an actual tattoo which would lead her to call both child protection services and the police.

In a series of videos uploaded to TikTok, Jayde’s mom recounted the shocking event, warning others to carefully consider who is allowed around children. 

Press Charges!

She could be heard questioning her daughter about the situation, asking, “Whose idea was it for you to get a tattoo?” Jayde’s response was straightforward, “Auntie’s.”

The aunt’s actions not only raised serious questions about child safety but also legal concerns. 

Jayde’s mom urged viewers to be vigilant about the individuals they allow near their children. 

Viewers of the TikTok videos expressed shock and disbelief at the idea of an underage child getting a tattoo, with some suggesting pressing charges, given that Jayde was just seven years old.

“Child Abuse”

One user wrote,  “The way I would’ve pressed charges!! Omg at freaking SEVEN?!”

Another complimented the mother saying,   “OMG, I know it’s taking everything in your power not to knock on her door.”

One TikToker even pointed out that tattooing someone under the legal age constitutes “child abuse.” 

The child can be heard discussing with her mother that the tattoo needle was not changed, and was used on multiple people. 

Medical Care Needed

Users pleaded with her to seek medical attention. One woman said, “Omg Please take her to the nearest hospital! She needs testing and post exposure meds if possible.

Jayde’s mom has yet to provide an update on whether the aunt will face legal charges for tattooing her daughter’s leg. 

Her determination to protect her daughter and seek justice was evident in her TikTok posts, where she shared her profound anger and concern over the incident. 

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