Childbirth With a Difference: Sneaky Baby Slipped Out Without Mom Noticing!

Going into labor is an intense experience, but for one new mom, it was surprisingly painless, and it even happened while her husband was oblivious, watching a movie on his iPad!

Brave Mom

Elimarie, the brave mom, shares her jaw-dropping birth story on TikTok, where she reveals how her painless labor caught everyone by surprise.

Choosing to get induced, Elimarie arrived at the hospital at 4 a.m. and swiftly received the medication to begin the process.

As things progressed, she was already 4cm dilated and received an epidural. 

Feeling something between her legs, Elimarie brushed it off, thinking it was the catheter wire.

Slipping Out Unnoticed

The nurse lost the baby’s heartbeat on the monitor, but before anyone knew it, the baby was already out!

Elimarie made a joke about the baby already being out, and to everyone’s surprise, the nurse lifted the cover, confirming her suspicion.

Even her fiancé, engrossed in watching a movie on his iPad, had no idea what was going on until he was told their son had arrived.

In shock, he quickly grabbed the camera and started filming the joyous moment.

Husband Filmed the Lack of Drama

In a follow-up video where the husband was filming, we see the drama (or lack of) as the baby arrived, with everyone around seeming surprised and calm.

Elimarie’s incredible birth story left TikTok users surprised at the smooth and relaxed way she gave birth.

One user said, “he is sooo beautiful!! Your epidural worked to the max!!!”

Another noted how silent the baby was in the follow-up video, taking after his mother, “So did he not cry when he came out?? Haha like he was just chillin’ under the covers.”

Feeling Nothing

Another user admitted her experience was far from the one seen in the videos, “You’re so lucky you didn’t felt anything, lol. I felt literally everything with my 2nd, even if I had the epidural.” 

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