China “Cannot Be Stopped” – But Can U.S Diplomats Smooth the Way for Biden’s ‘Potentially World Altering’ Meeting With President Xi?

The world holds its breath as top diplomats from the US and China convene in Malta, aiming to reset the two country’s toxic relations before a pivotal Biden-Xi meeting.

Escalating Issues

Amid escalating tensions surrounding the sovereignty of Taiwan, US and Chinese diplomats gathered in Malta to discuss thorny issues threatening the global balance.

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan engaged in “candid and constructive” talks with China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi.

The dialogue touched on US-China bilateral relations, security concerns, Russia’s actions in Ukraine, and the sensitive Taiwan Strait.

Both nations agree to maintain high-level exchanges and conduct crucial consultations on Asia-Pacific affairs and maritime issues.

The Past Comes Back to Haunt Them

Early indications suggest a possible restoration of military communications between the two military giants, but will their tense past come back to haunt them?

The meetings mark the first in months plagued by a history of conflict, including the shooting down of a Chinese-operated spy balloon on American soil.

American fighter jets downed a Chinese-operated balloon, souring relations, with China calling it a “Violation of international practice.”

Rising concerns around Taiwan, trade disputes, and military buildups caused the Biden administration to cancel a potential Biden-Xi meeting in November.

Geopolitical Tensions

China hinted at the meeting’s condition: the US must show “sufficient sincerity” for any positive outcome.

Biden and Xi have not met since 2022, and their last interaction emphasized the need to find a balance between competition and cooperation.

Xi Jinping’s absence at the recent G20 summit raised eyebrows, causing Biden to show his disappointment but expressed he was going to “get to see him.”

Both nations express the need for stability in the Taiwan Strait, a region fraught with geopolitical tensions.

China’s Development “Cannot Be Stopped”

Taiwan remains a significant concern, with China claiming it is a “red line” in their bilateral relations as they promise to retake Taiwan by force if necessary. 

China asserted its unstoppable development and reaffirmed the rights of its people, claiming their development “Cannot be stopped” and arguing that “Chinese people’s legitimate right to development cannot be deprived.”

A tense diplomatic path lies ahead as the world watches how these crucial talks unfold and influence future global relations.

The outcome will have far-reaching implications, impacting global politics, trade, and the balance of power.

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