“I Won’t Support” Trump or “Kiss His Behind” – Chris Christie Entering Race as There Is No-One “Competent and Qualified to Be President”

In a recent appearance on Newsmax’s “The Balance,” former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie reaffirmed his stance on not voting for Donald Trump if he secures the GOP nomination in the 2024 presidential race. Here’s the whole story.

A Trump and Christie Union?

Host Eric Bolling asked Christie about the possibility of uniting with Trump to defeat the Democrats.

Christie replied that Trump’s divisive rhetoric and attitude toward fellow Republicans made any notion of unity unlikely.

Christie said, “He doesn’t have a good word to say about any of us, whether it’s the people who have been for him or the people who have been against him. Why would we unite behind him? He doesn’t have a good word to say about anybody, and the only time he has a good word to say about anybody is if you kiss his behind. I mean, that’s it.”

“That’s Why I’m Running”

The 61-year-old former governor went on to explain his reasons for entering the race.

He said, “Look, I don’t think any of those choices are good choices, that’s why I’m running, and I’m sure if you had Ron on the show right now, or you had Nikki, or you had Tim, they would say the very same thing to you.”

“The only one who probably would say something different is Vivek. Since I don’t even really understand why he’s running for president, given that he thinks Donald Trump is the greatest president of the 21st century. I think he’s just running for a cabinet position. But look, in the end, I think each one of us thinks we would be a better president than he was and a better nominee than he could possibly be,” he added.

“I Won’t Support Him”

When questioned about whether he would support Trump if the former president dropped out of the race, Christie’s response was unequivocal.

He said, “No, I won’t, and I won’t support him against any of these other candidates. I think all these other candidates are better.”

Bolling probed further, asking if Christie would support Trump if he became the nominee.


Christie replied, “The former president has conducted himself in a way which I think has been disrespectful to the Constitution, violates the Constitution, and I just can’t be supportive of a guy who does those things and then just recently said that Mark Milley should be subject to execution. No. I can’t do that.”

This latest declaration from Christie is consistent with his previous comments about the 2024 presidential race.

He has been vocal about his reluctance to vote for either Trump or President Joe Biden, citing concerns about their competency and qualifications for the presidency.

“I Can’t Support Either”

In June, during an appearance on “Fox News Tonight,” Christie expressed his reservations about both candidates.

He said, “I can’t support either one of them. Not Biden or Trump because they’re not competent and qualified to be president for different reasons – Joe Biden predominantly because of age and what we’ve seen on TV, and Donald Trump because I don’t believe he can win, Lawrence.”

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One user wrote, “Trump has already beat Christie like a drum before.”

Doughnuts for Votes

Another user humorously added, “All Trump needs to do is promise Christie a box of doughnuts and he will change his mind and back him.”

A third user commented, “I’m not a Republican but I will be voting for whoever has the best chance of winning against the current administration. If Republicans do not put aside their vitriol and stubbornness and come to the same conclusion, we are in store for four more years of Bidenomics.”

A fourth user wrote, “No decent, well-informed human being would vote for Trump. Only the ignorant and the hateful support him.”

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