Chris Christie Says of Political Rival Trump, “The Election Had Been Stolen and Then He Requested That They March Up to the Capitol” and Then Labels Him a Criminal

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did not hold back when discussing his political rival, Donald Trump, during a recent appearance on Face the Nation. Here’s what happened.

Republicans’ Holding Candidates Criminally Responsible

The discussion revolved around the 6 January Capitol riots and the ongoing investigations into the former president’s role in the events that unfolded that day.

Christie hesitated to label Trump’s actions as criminal but shed light on why many Republicans seem to be distancing themselves from their previously rigid stances on “law and order.”

When asked about the shift in some Republicans’ attitudes towards holding candidates criminally responsible, Christie pointed to fear as the driving factor.

Christie replied, “I think because they’re afraid of Donald Trump.”

“The Election Had Been Stolen”

Christie further explained Trump’s role in the Capitol riots saying, “The president invited them there. He incited them by telling them the election had been stolen and then he requested that they march up to the Capitol.”

He added, “And of course, like Donald Trump, he said he would march with them and then immediately marched back to the safety of the White House and watched what went on.”

While Christie acknowledged the ongoing investigations and potential evidence yet to be presented, he expressed disappointment in the claims that Trump bore no responsibility for the riots.

According to Christie, Trump’s actions were a culmination of false claims and incitement that led to the breach of the Capitol.

Did Trump Encourage the Riots?

One of the key aspects of Trump’s involvement in the riots, as highlighted by Christie, was his alleged encouragement of supporters to protest while the electoral votes were being counted.

The former governor noted that Trump remained inactive at the White House during this time, seemingly disinterested in the consequences of his supporters’ actions.

This recent criticism is not the first time Chris Christie has taken aim at Donald Trump.

The two political figures have a history of tension and public exchanges of disparaging remarks.

Insults and Attacks on His Political Positions

Christie has faced insults from Trump, ranging from comments about his weight to attacking his political positions.

However, the former governor hasn’t hesitated to respond to these personal attacks.

He emphasizes the importance of considering the evidence presented by the special counsel, Jack Smith, before making any determinations.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

“You Have To Peddle Fear and Hate to Win”

One YouTube user wrote, “You have to peddle fear and hate to win the Republican nomination.”

Another user added, “Chris Christie has no chance to win the Republican nomination for president but he sure makes more sense than the other candidates.”

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