Claytrader Net Worth – Overview and Services

ClayTrader is a platform for online traders and investors. You can learn the most about penny stocks and how to maximize your profits by joining this community. With Clay Trader, you can build a portfolio based on sound trade ideas without getting emotionally involved.

FounderClay Huber
Featuresvideo library, Webinars, community
Best ForActive traders
Pricing$2.495 for lifetime access
ClayTrader Net worth$55,662
Average Monthly Earnings from Youtube$406 – $1,159

ClayTrader: An overview

CEO and Founder of ClayTrader, ‘Clay Huber’ studied engineering at Ohio State University before getting involved with the stock market. Clay Trader presents himself as a regular guy with a big heart who cares about his friends and family above money, cars, and Wall Street life.

Technical traders can access educational materials and a chat room on Clay’s website. Even though the platform is a paid service, its followers access useful trading tips via its social media platforms. Clay began trading in 2005 through selling mutual funds, which led to his success as a day trader. In his own words, he started out as an emotional trader, which often resulted in the loss of money.

As a trader today, he uses facts and figures derived from his technical analysis methods and his previous experiences to make his decisions. He is a frequent contributor to investorshub and founded ClayTrader in 2013. There isn’t much information available beyond that.

ClayTrader Services

ClayTrader features several services, including: 

  • Chat rooms, 
  • Watch lists 
  • Education materials that are both paid and free

ClayTrader YouTube Channel

The ClayTrader platform includes video trading tutorials, which help users stay current on the latest trends in trading.

ClayTrader’s official YouTube channel and website videos are two of the most common video sharing platforms. The YouTube channel has a network of over 310,000 subscribers.

Clay Trader Net worth

Clay Trader has over 4,200 subscribers worldwide. For $99 per year, users can join Clay Trader as a subscriber. Considering that you pay $2 a week, it is a very good deal. For $1,997, you can access the Clay Trader University Program and learn how to trade smarter. The cost of training courses ranges from $99 to $3,000.

Clay Trader’s exact net worth is not known. However, by looking at the prices it charges its subscribers, you can have an idea of how much Clay makes from Clay Traders.