“Below Humanity” – Climbers Step over Dying Man to Reach Peak in Record-Breaking Time – Was It Worth It?

A climbing team set to achieve a world record time while climbing the K2 mountain in Pakistan, but their achievement has been overshadowed by a dark decision made along the way.

Walking Past a Dying Man

A heart-wrenching incident on K2 mountain in Pakistan has sparked outrage as climbers walked past a dying man, triggering a wave of backlash.

A close friend of the porter who tragically lost his life, Mohammad Hassan, has unleashed a scathing judgment on those who showed a shocking lack of humanity. 

Record-breaking Norwegian climber Kristin Harila and her team have faced a barrage of criticism for their actions. 

Harila’s defense, shared on Instagram, did little to stop the abuse that kept coming her way.

“Below Humanity”

Harila explained that her team attempted to help Hassan before making a difficult decision to move forward, believing he would receive medical attention without their interaction. 

Basharat Hussein, a witness to the terrifying ordeal, condemned the climbers’ actions as beyond saddening, labeling them as “below humanity.” 

The incident, where the victim was left unaided after a fall, haunts Hussein as the “most dehumanising event he has ever witnessed.”

Compassion Over World Records

Hussein expressed hope that such an incident would never happen again, urging climbers to prioritize compassion over world records.

Austrian climber Wilhelm Steindl, who canceled his descent due to the weather and avalanche worries, criticized those who refused to assist Hassan, calling the decision a “disgrace.” 

Harila explained the difficulties her team faced in trying to rescue Hassan, arguing that it was too dangerous to save him anyway.

Death Overshadows Their Achievement

Harila claimed the narrow and steep path is what forced them to make tough decisions to ensure the safety of all.

Harila’s team achieved a monumental feat by conquering K2, setting a record for the fastest climb of the 14 mountains, but their accomplishment has been overshadowed by the controversy surrounding Hassan’s fate.

The climbing community is grappling with the heartbreaking loss of Hassan, whose memory will live long as a reminder to all climbers to do the right thing.

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