Clueless Husband Ruins Wife’s Birthday with His Thoughtless Antics – A Masterclass in How NOT to Celebrate!

A young man brought Redditors’ wrath down on himself when he revealed how he surprised his wife for her birthday. As it turned out, she probably would have preferred if he just forgot. Here is the whole story.

He Was Taking Art Lessons From a Mutual Friend

OP is a 26-year-old man who is married to a 30-year-old woman. His wife recently had a birthday, and that’s where the trouble started.

It all started a few years ago when OP’s wife introduced him to her childhood friend, a man who is now 28 years old.

After they met, OP and his wife’s friend started hanging out a lot, and now they’re great friends, too. OP even considers the slightly older man to be a brother figure.

The now-mutual friend is also a talented artist, and OP thought it would be pretty cool if he could make something unique to celebrate his wife’s birthday.

… To Work on a Masterpiece

So he started taking lessons from their friend a few months before she turned 30.

OP started spending more and more time with the friend, learning his craft and working on his masterpiece. OP’s wife noticed and asked him why he had been out so much lately.

OP told her a partial truth, saying he was hanging out with Jimmy. She asked a few more questions but pretty much just let it go.

Then, as his wife’s birthday was approaching, OP told her he had planned to do something with the friend that day.

She Cherished Her Birthdays!

OP’s wife always made a big deal about his birthday, and he wanted to return the favor. So he wanted to throw her a surprise party, but one just for the two of them, plus the special gift he was making for her.

OP figured she would be super surprised by making her think he had other plans that day, or maybe that he even forgot her birthday.

So, as soon as his wife left for work on her birthday, OP started getting ready. He decorated the place, went and got a cake, and draped the house in bouquets.

Then OP waited for 5:30 pm when his wife should have been home.

Where Was His Wife?

She didn’t show; hours later, OP still hadn’t heard from her. So he started calling, but she didn’t answer.

Then OP called their mutual friend, and he hadn’t seen or heard from OP’s wife, either.

Starting to get worried, OP finally decided to track his wife’s phone. He saw that she was at a restaurant, so he headed out to find her.

When OP got to the restaurant, he found his wife sitting at a table with many friends he didn’t know. He assumed they were from her work.

“We Have To Go Home Immediately”

Even though they were all eating cake and OP’s wife was surrounded by presents. She didn’t look happy.

So OP ran to his wife’s table, grabbed her things, and told her they had to go home immediately. She went with him but still didn’t seem all that happy.

OP’s wife wouldn’t even talk to him on the way home, and she started crying as soon as they returned. He never got the chance to give her the gift he made, and his party fizzled completely.

Now, OP’s wife sleeps on the couch and hardly talks to him. OP has called his mom for advice, and she said he was a jerk when he told her what had happened.

He Royally Botched the Surprise Party

OP is confused because he was just trying to do something nice for his wife, but now everyone seems honked off at him.

Redditors were more than happy to point out where the problem was for OP. Most of them think he royally botched the surprise party by not giving her a good reason to leave with him.

They also think it was not kind to intentionally make her think he forgot her birthday when he could have handled it so much better.

To add insult to injury, OP made a spectacle in front of his wife’s coworkers, who probably already thought he was an idiot for forgetting her birthday.

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