Cold Revenge or Justified Response? Daughter Denies Financial Aid to Parents Who Once Kicked Her Out for Being Gay!

A young woman sparked outrage on Reddit after she refused to help her parents when they fell on tough times. Was she being mean, or was it just karma? Here is the full story so you can decide for yourself.

Her Parents Disowned Her Because She Was a Lesbian

OP is a 29-year-old woman who came out to her family as a lesbian when she was 18. Nearly every one of them disowned her on the spot.

She lived with her parents then, and they were the worst. They gave OP five minutes to get her stuff and leave their house.

OP was devastated, of course, and unprepared to live independently. When she told her parents that, they said that she had “chosen” her lifestyle and these were the consequences.

In particular, OP’s dad told her that she made her bed, and now she had to lie in it.

.. And Consequently Had a Rough Start to Life

Despite such a rough start to adulthood, though, OP has done more than OK for herself.

She made it through college on her own, thanks to scholarships and some small loans. And now OP and her wonderful wife have a 2-year-old daughter.

They both have good jobs, too, and bought a house together. Overall, OP loves her life and wouldn’t change anything.

Not surprisingly, OP hasn’t had much contact with her biological family since the day they booted her. But somehow, her parents were able to get a hold of her recently.

Her Mom Resurfaced Asking for Financial Help…

Her mom made the first contact, telling OP they had run into financial problems and had to sell their house. They had moved from apartment to apartment but were still struggling.

Now, OP’s mom wanted her to help them out since they had fallen on hard times.

OP ignored the message, but she got a call from her dad a few days later. Like her mom, he told her all about the problems they were facing.

OP told him that the situation sucked for them and that she hoped they could figure it out.

He Had Made His Bed, and Now He Had To Lie in It

Then OP’s dad asked her straight-up for help, but she refused. When he asked her why, she said that maybe if they hadn’t turned their backs on her when she was 18, she’d be willing to help them out now.

That upset OP’s dad; he said she should support them now the way they supported her growing up.

OP couldn’t believe her father’s nerve, but she managed to maintain her composure.

Instead of yelling at him, OP told her dad that he had made his bed, and now he had to lie in it. Then she hung up.

She Sent Her Mom a List of Homeless Shelters!

OP is pretty sure she hit a nerve because her dad called later and left her a message, telling her she was cruel just to prove a point.

OP never called him back, but she did send her mom an email listing various soup kitchens and homeless shelters that might be able to help out.

Then OP blocked her parents’ numbers on her phone and may consider changing her number if she has to.

She Doesn’t Owe Her Parents Anything

Redditors almost unanimously applaud OP for standing up to her parents. They think she’s a hero for turning their hypocrisy on them.

And, of course, nearly all of them say that OP doesn’t owe her parents anything, regardless of the fact that they raised her.

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