Colonel’s Career Crumbles Over Controversial Comment: ‘Men Cannot Be Women’ Causes Chaos!

A retired colonel, Dr. Kelvin Wright, claims he was compelled to leave the Army after facing condemnation for expressing the opinion that “Men cannot be women.” Here’s the full story.

A Transphobia Complaint

Wright alleges that a distressing investigation was launched, damaging his reputation, following a transphobia complaint.

Wright shared a post on his private Facebook account from “Fair Play for Women,” a campaign group focused on preserving women’s sports for those assigned female at birth.

The post contained a quote from feminist campaigner Helen Joyce stating, “If women cannot stand in a public place and say “men cannot be women,” then we do not have women’s rights at all.”

However, a junior officer cautioned Wright that his gender-critical views might contradict the Ministry of Defence’s transgender policies, setting in motion a chain of events that would deeply impact his military career.

He Retired Early

The Army’s “LGBT champions” compiled a seven-page report on Wright’s supposed “substandard behavior,” which he was not allowed to view.

Subsequently, a formal investigation was initiated in May, potentially resulting in his dismissal or censure through the Major Administrative Action process.

This process required Wright, who led a team of 60 troops in the 306 Hospital Support Regiment and worked as an NHS intensive care consultant, to defend his views.

Feeling pressured, he made the difficult decision to retire prematurely, resulting in a reduction in his pension.

It Was an Attack on His Honor

The Free Speech Union has come to his aid, providing legal representation to defend his case.

Kelvin Wright argues that the investigation and subsequent retirement were an attack on his honor and that he could not remain in an Army that showed such disrespect towards its officers.

He questions the message this sends to women in the military, suggesting that even a high-ranking officer can face scrutiny for acknowledging the existence of women and their rights.

He emphasizes that his stance on gender identity does not equate to being anti-trans or anti-LGBT, highlighting that he has never allowed personal beliefs to interfere with his command. He added, “It makes you wonder who is running the Army: the Chief of the Defense Staff, or Stonewall?”

“Disgraceful. The Army Needs To Give Their Heads a Wobble – How Can We Trust Them To Defend Our Nation if They Can’t Even Speak the Truth About Men Not Being Women?”

Wright calls for moral courage within the military to dismiss such trivial matters swiftly and focus on their primary mission of training and protecting the nation.

Several Twitter users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Disgraceful. The Army needs to give their heads a wobble – how can we trust them to defend our nation if they can’t even speak the truth about men not being women?”

Another user added, “He should take legal action against the Army.”

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