Conservative Grandma’s Affair Revealed: Family Horrified But Grandson Champions Her Right to Happiness

A young man drove Redditors to outrage when he told his family to get over his grandmother’s affair. It seems they’re all fired up over a technicality. Here is the whole story.

Tight Bond With Grandma

OP is a 21-year-old man who has a tight bond and great friendship with his 65-year-old grandmother.

The grandmother had five kids with her husband, including OP’s dad, two aunts, and two uncles.

OP’s grandmother was always an excellent mother, but her husband was a complete mess as a father.

The big problem with OP’s grandfather was that he was an alcoholic and spent all the family’s money on alcohol.

A Strong Single Mom

He also treated his wife and kids like crap and wasn’t around much.

Finally fed up with his behavior, OP’s grandmother booted her husband from the house back in the 1990s.

OP’s grandfather pretty much disappeared at that point, which left his grandmother to raise her kids alone.

Over the next couple of decades, OP’s grandmother worked multiple jobs to keep the family afloat. Her husband never contributed financially and hardly ever saw the kids at all.

Granny Moved On

But OP’s grandmother came from a conservative background and didn’t believe in divorce. So, the grandparents never legally split up.

Once she finally got her kids raised, though, and settled into her 60s, OP’s grandmother met another man. She has been dating her 67-year-old boyfriend for two years.

During that time, OP’s grandmother kept her new relationship a secret. She worried that her kids wouldn’t accept the new man in her life.

Recently, though, OP’s grandmother decided to move in with her boyfriend, and she knew she had to tell her family.

Ridiculous Accusation

When she did, her worst fears came true. OP’s dad, aunts, and uncles were furious with her when they heard the news.

And to OP’s disbelief, they all accused their mother of cheating on their father. They told her she would have to choose between them and her “affair partner.”

But OP told his grandmother that her kids were being ridiculous and encouraged her to move ahead with her plans. She wasn’t sure what to do next, though.

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