Cop’s Sick Joke About Police Brutality Targets LGBTQ+ Community and Destroys a Friendship

Elliot faced a traumatic dilemma when they were in a garage with their friend’s dad, a cop, who made a violent joke about the police and the two LGBTQ+ members in the room. After Elliot retaliated, they now have a broken friendship and are guilty for the reaction. Are they in the wrong?

A Friendship Shattered

In a deeply personal story, a young individual reveals a painful incident that shattered their friendship.

Years ago, three young friends, Alison, Elliot (the narrator), and Morgan, spent time together in Alison’s garage.

Elliot and Morgan are both proud members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Alison’s dad, a cop, made a joke that Elliot and Morgan found deeply offensive.

It was a disturbing joke about police violence relating to the two LGBTQ+ members, Morgan and Elliot.

Not a Laughing Matter

Jokes about violence are made, and laughter follows when Elliot replies with, “The cop wouldn’t get caught anyway,” referring to police brutality.

Alison suddenly leaves, upset by the jokes made in her presence.

It turns out that Alison and her dad were both offended by the joke that Elliot made, with Alison’s brother also crying because of it.

Confronted by their mum, Elliot panics and wrongly blames their friend, Morgan, for not owning up to her actions.

Morgan confronted Elliot about the false accusations in an angry way, separating the two friends.

Apologies Couldn’t Heal the Hurt

Over the years, apologies are exchanged, but the friendship remains fractured, and they don’t talk again.

To this day, Elliot carries the weight of the pain and the broken friendship.

Elliot now asks Reddit if they are in the wrong for what happened, or should Morgan have forgiven her by now?

One user argued, “The fact that everyone was more concerned about your joke than the fact that an adult, a cop, made a comment,” suggesting the cop’s joke was worse than what followed.

Since they were 12 years old when this incident occurred, most of Reddit believe they should forget about it and move on.

Do you have any advice to give Elliot? Let us know in the comments.

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