Cornell Medical School Teaches ‘Woke’ Classes That Support White Privilege and Burning Down Neighborhoods. Are They a Terrorist Organization?

Cornell University’s medical school has come under scrutiny for offering a controversial Critical Race Theory (CRT) class created by The Center for Health Equity. Here’s the full story.

Cornell Medical School Teaches ‘Woke’ Classes

The course, designed to promote antiracism and racial allyship, has been criticized for its radical content, which some argue trains students to become “woke activists.”

The CCHEq’s “Racial Allyship Training Course” was designed for faculty, students, and researchers at Cornell’s medical school.

According to findings, while not mandatory, the course has encouraged attendees to become “woke activists” by being alert to injustice, particularly racism, in society.

One aspect that drew significant criticism was the inclusion of videos featuring BLM activists defending the violent riots that occurred in 2020.

Supporting Burning Down Neighborhoods

One such video showed activist Kimberly Jones expressing indifference and support for burning down neighborhoods.

Jones said, ‘I’ve been seeing a lot of things [of] people making commentary about we should not be rioting, we should not be looting, we should not be tearing up our own community. And then there’s been an argument that we should be hitting them in the pocket. But, I feel like we should do both.”

The course’s use of these videos raised questions about endorsing violence as a legitimate method of protest.

The course’s original intent was to educate white students and teachers about their privilege and encourage them to use it in solidarity to dismantle oppressive systems.

Teaching White Privilege?

It delved into the concept of “white privilege,” asserting that it indeed exists and challenged the notion of meritocracy as a myth.

One module in the course taught students how to respond to individuals who disagreed with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling during the national anthem.

Kaepernick’s protest sparked national discussions about racial injustice, with some supporters and opponents focusing on him specifically.

The module emphasized that Kaepernick had sought advice from veterans on respectful protest methods, promoting understanding and dialogue.

Cornell Should Be Labeled a Terrorist Organization

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Any so-called educational institution that teaches such filth should receive no public funding and must be labeled a terrorist organization.”

Another User wrote, “If you use racing anything, it should not be taught! Racism is racism no matter which color your skin is.”

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