Counterfeit Tips & Dates: The Chronicles of a Server’s Sweet Revenge!

Hannah was a seasoned server in a popular local restaurant. Over the years, she’d met countless customers – the good, the bad, and the forgettable. One regular stood out – the worst tipper she’d ever encountered. Let’s take a look.

He Was Somewhat Stingy When It Came To Tipping

This man was a frequent visitor, often accompanied by friends or sometimes just by himself, perched at the bar, deeply involved in a sports game.

He was usually quiet and was known to be somewhat stingy when it came to tipping.

This regular entered the restaurant one day with a lady Hannah hadn’t seen before.

The ambiance was different this time; instead of the bar, they chose a quiet restaurant corner, looking for a more intimate environment.

Things Took a Twist When the Time Came To Pay

This table happened to be under Hannah’s care. Throughout their meal, everything went smoothly without a hitch.

However, things took a twist when the time came to pay.

As Hannah was about to present their check, she caught sight of the man placing a $100 bill on the table, nudging his date and whispering, “Watch this.”

It seemed like a deliberate act to catch Hannah’s attention, and he laughingly admitted, “You weren’t supposed to see that!”

The Tip Was Fake

Assuming he was trying to impress his date, Hannah played along, thrilled at the prospect of such a generous tip.

But the excitement turned to disbelief when, after the couple left, she discovered that the $100 bill was a fake, meant for pranks! The cheek of the act left Hannah in shock.

The man had planned this deceit either to humor his date or simply out of sheer meanness.

Hannah couldn’t determine whether the woman was part of this cruel joke or if she was an innocent bystander to his petty antics.

She Seized the Moment With a Cheeky Smirk

She informed her manager, who shared her disbelief, but Hannah decided to keep the counterfeit bill – she knew a day would come when she could finally get back at this guy.

Fortune favors the prepared, they say. Two weeks later, the same man returned with the same lady.

Hannah’s manager spotted him and, knowing the backstory, offered her the chance to serve them again.

Without hesitation, Hannah seized the moment. With a cheeky smirk, she mentioned returning the fake bill to the man.

… And the Counterfeit Note

Before approaching their table, she fetched the counterfeit note from her car, ready for retribution.

As Hannah greeted them, she noted the man’s increasing unease while the woman seemed blissfully unaware.

Maintaining her composure, Hannah provided them with the usual impeccable service until the very end.

When it was time for the check, she presented the bill alongside the familiar fake $100, ensuring the fake “for motion picture use” was in plain view.

“I Believe You Forgot This”

Looking straight at the man, she commented, “Hey, not sure if you remember me from last time, but I believe you forgot this, just returning it because I believed it was too much. ”

The woman’s confusion instantly told Hannah she wasn’t aware of the man’s previous prank.

Flustered, the guy denied any knowledge of the counterfeit bill. Hannah feigned innocence, wished the lady a pleasant evening, and gracefully retreated.

On her return, she found a huge “$0.00” tip on the signed receipt. However, a real $50 bill rested on the table, conveniently where the lady had sat.

Her Petty Revenge Had Resulted in a Tip Worth Her While!

Hannah assumed that the man didn’t want to tip on his card, so they wrote obnoxiously big zeros on the tip and that the woman had left the tip.

She felt on top of the world – her petty revenge had resulted in a tip worth her while!

Whether the couple remained an item post that night or if the woman began to notice her date’s questionable antics is a mystery.

But one thing was certain: they didn’t return to the restaurant for quite some time. And as for Hannah, she hoped the lady would never forget to be watchful of those little red flags.

“I Love This”

Redditors loved Hannah’s petty revenge. One user said, “As someone that has been in the industry for over two decades, I love this.

I worked as a cocktail waitress years ago, where we wore our own clothes (no uniform) and had to carry our change and tips in a highball glass on our tray.

Along comes quarter beer night, and some jerks literally deliberately made a fist and came up under my tray hard so everything would go flying, and they had a good laugh.

Not so funny when I came back with the beers and “accidentally” spilled them on them. Lost the job, but SO worth it.”

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