Jailed! Couple Rescue Niece but Draw Line at Welcoming Violent Wife and Four Step Kids!

One wife, Diane, has endured a heartbreaking family drama on her husband’s side. After his brother got arrested, her husband, Mark, wants to bail him out for $75k while also welcoming 5 of his brother’s kids into the family home. Diane has put her foot down, and now she seeks advice from Reddit.

A Mission to Save Their Niece

Imagine the shock that Diane and Mark felt when Diane’s brother-in-law, Ryan, was suddenly arrested in a neighbouring state. 

To add to the situation, Ryan was a single parent to his own child, Emily. 

The responsibility to rescue Emily from child protective services fell on Diane and Mark’s shoulders.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Diane and Mark embarked on a gruelling, 13-hour road trip to retrieve Emily. 

A Big Ask

Little did they know that this journey would have its own immense challenges.

Unbelievably, when Diane and Mark arrived at child protection services, he was told he needed to drive another 13 hours.

They needed to pick up Ryan’s wife, Sarah, and four of Ryan’s stepchildren, whose father tragically died 2 weeks after being released from prison.

A Lifetime Behind Bars

As the dust settled, Ryan was ready to spend the rest of his life behind bars. 

With bail set at a huge $75,000, Mark contemplated bailing out his brother.

To make matters worse, Ryan’s wife, Sarah, wants to stay with Diane and Mark with the five new children, even after she physically assaulted Diane in their last meeting.

They Needed to Prioritise Their Own Well-Being

Caught in this family crisis, Diane expressed concerns about the couple’s financial stability. 

As new homeowners, they needed to prioritise their own well-being and that of their children.

Diane and Mark now need to make a huge decision on whether to bail out Ryan, keep Sarah and all these new children in their home or reject everything and continue with their lives.

After lengthy discussions, Diane and Mark arrived at a difficult but necessary decision. 

An Expensive Compromise

They opted not to allow Sarah and the 4 stepchildren to stay at their house, concentrating only on Emily, the biological child.

Since bail was too expensive, they decided to just give him $25,000 to Ryan for a lawyer, a huge chunk of money which Diane never approved of giving away.

You’ve Done Enough

After this riveting family drama, Diane is asking Reddit if she should feel guilty for her actions, and it’s clear they had strong feelings to be shared.

One user points out, “Tell your husband that everything he does to help them is another nail in the coffin of your marriage, and it is almost totally nailed shut.”

“Tell husband he better not bail out his brother, you will not be a part of your brother-in-law’s mess,” another user boldly stated.

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