Young Couple’s Outdoorsy and Low-Cost Wedding Comes at a Price: That the Guests Are Expected to Pay!

A couple have decided to have their dream wedding in a canyon with a spectacular view. The problem? The guests have to pay an entry fee of $10, causing huge backlash on social media and resulting in the bride’s sister calling her “cheapskate.”

Outdoorsy Wedding Plans

This 23-year-old couple, Jack and Lucy, are gearing up for their special day in less than a month. 

With just 20 guests, they’re keeping it intimate and outdoorsy, but there’s a unique twist. 

They’re asking their guests to pay $10 to enter the canyon where the wedding will take place.

Trouble started when Lucy’s sister, Amanda, received her invitation and learned about the canyon fee. 


She wasn’t too thrilled and didn’t hold back, calling Lucy a “cheapskate.” 

The argument escalated, with Amanda nitpicking the entire wedding plan, from guests bringing their own chairs to a small dinner instead of a real reception.

Jack and Lucy want to keep costs low and the atmosphere relaxed, choosing the great outdoors for their big day. They’re all about having close friends and family there, without splurging on a grand reception.

The couple clarifies that the canyon fee is a necessity and not something they can cover in advance. 

Fair Warning

They insist they’re not being careless but were upfront with their guests about the cost. While accepting some judgment, they defend their decisions. 

They want their day to reflect their relationship, and their outdoorsy friends are all for it, however the price is controversial.

With just a month to go, this wedding has already received backlash and drama, but everyone is dying to know, will the couple stick to their plan to charge their guests?

Hiking Gear Needed

Lucy has turned to Reddit to find out if they’ve crossed a line asking guests to pay.

One hilarious comment says it all, with this user suggesting, “I’d rather go to a wedding held in McDonald’s.”

One user pointed out the walk in this specific canyon to reach the intended wedding area, “Someone mentioned its a mile walk . . . To get to the area. I’m assuming she’s getting in casual hiking gear?”

Would you attend a wedding where you have to pay for entry? We want to hear your thoughts on this story in the comments.

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