Competitive Cousin Sneakily Secures Dream Job to Prove a Point, Demonstrating the Power of Experience Over Education

A young man took to Reddit for opinions after he applied for a job at his cousin’s workplace just to prove a point. It was a direct challenge that taught at least one of the men a valuable lesson. Here is the full story.

Cousins Working In the Same Field

OP and his cousin are both young men who work in the same field. 

They’re the same age and even went to college at the same time. But from there, OP and his cousin took different paths into the workforce.

Halfway through school, OP started working as an intern for a company in his field. He stayed with them through graduation.

Then, when he got his degree, the same company offered OP a full-time job. He happily accepted and started on his career.

Constantly Told He Made a Mistake

OP’s cousin, meanwhile, didn’t do an internship and set his sights on getting a master’s degree. He had some pretty strong opinions on the subject, too.

He constantly told OP that he had made a mistake by going to work right away rather than getting an advanced degree.

The cousin said that he would run circles around OP once he finished his master’s, and that OP would quickly top out with his career options.

That extra degree would make all the difference when it came to advancement and ultimate success, OP’s cousin told him whenever they were together.

Boasting That His Masters Would Win Him the Job

Several years later, OP’s cousin finally finished his master’s and started his career. For a while after that, he sort of clammed up about how much better off he would be than OP.

But then at a recent family gathering, the cousin told OP and the rest of those gathered that he was gunning for a more advanced job that had come open at his company.

With a master’s degree in hand and four years of experience under his belt, OP’s cousin thought he had the job in the bag.

He was also certain that there was no way his company would hire someone without a master’s for the role. It was a subtle dig at OP.

Proving Him Wrong

That was the last straw for OP, and he decided to fight back. But he was going to be sneaky about it.

So OP applied for the same job that his cousin wanted so bad, and he ended up getting the offer. It was for a lot more money than he had expected it to be.

Before he made his decision, OP told his cousin what he had done. Not surprisingly, the cousin was furious.

He told OP that he was a completely in the wrong and suffering from a huge inferiority complex. He couldn’t believe the lengths OP went to just to prove a point.

Accused of Bullying

Then the cousin told their family about the situation, and they all think OP is being a bully. They say he is just jealous and should stay in his lane.

OP admits he lashed out in a petty way, but he’s also excited for the new job opportunity. He landed the offer fair and square and plans to take it.

Redditors mostly applaud OP for putting his bully of a cousin in his place. They encourage him to take the job and succeed just to rub it in his cousin’s face a little more.

A few commenters do think OP would be in the wrong if he turned down the job at his point, though. Then the whole thing would have been nothing more than petty revenge.

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