Cousin’s Wedding Fiasco – They Charged the Bride for Printing Services After Discovering They Were Not Invited

A hurt and frustrated man sparked outrage on Reddit when he revealed that he charged his wife’s cousin for helping with her wedding. The backstory that follows is full of family drama, so buckle up.

They Happily Help Friends and Family When They Can

OP and his wife own a printing company. They have much fun with it and often do business with friends and family.

OP and his wife often help out with weddings and other events for free. They have a great time working on the projects together and are happy to lend a hand to the people close to them.

Recently, a cousin of OP’s wife approached them and asked if they could make the signage for her upcoming wedding.

She also wanted lifesize cutouts, guest books, and other paper-based goodies.

A Surprising Message

As usual, OP and his wife were happy to pitch in and excited to get going on their next creation.

They ordered the needed materials and started making the decorations in collaboration with the cousin and wedding planner.

At that point, though, OP and his wife didn’t know exactly when the wedding was. They figured they must have plenty of time.

Then, out of the blue, OP got a text from the wedding planner saying that they needed all the items on such-and-such date to set up in time for the ceremony. It was a surprising message.

She Didn’t Invite Them to the Wedding

Because by then, OP still didn’t have the final specs for what the bride wanted. They hadn’t received their invitation yet, either.

Confused, OP’s wife texted her cousin to ask for more details and to mention that they hadn’t received their invitation. That’s when the bride dropped the bomb.

The cousin said she and her groom had decided to downsize the wedding and invite only close friends and family. OP and his wife didn’t make the cut.

It was a slap in the face, especially since OP and his wife had already spent about $2,000 on materials. Not to mention all the time and back-and-forth with the cousin and wedding planner.

So He Sent Her an Invoice

And OP had to delay other orders to accommodate the cousin, so he lost more money. He and his wife were hurt and insulted by being excluded from the wedding.

So, since the cousin didn’t consider them “close friends and family,” OP sent her an invoice for the materials they used for the wedding decorations.

OP also told the cousin that she had to pay before he would deliver the items because he wouldn’t spend years chasing her down.

Now She’s Furious!

Now, the cousin is furious with OP and his wife, and family members are harassing them by phone.

OP doesn’t want strife in the family, but he’s not willing to waste his time and money on someone who doesn’t want him and his wife to be part of their lives.

And besides, he’s still giving the cousin a discount since he’s only charging for materials.

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