COVID Cash Heist – Did International Criminals Pocket Billions from Pandemic Relief? GOP Seeks the Truth

As the dust of the pandemic continues to settle, the House Oversight Committee’s COVID-19 subcommittee is turning its focus toward allegations of billions of dollars in pandemic aid stolen by international criminals. Here’s the whole story.

Addressing the Reported COVID Thefts

Subcommittee chair Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, has penned a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, demanding transparency and a detailed account of the Department of Justice’s efforts to address the reported thefts.

In his letter, Wenstrup seeks clarity on several key aspects.

He requests information about the extent of COVID-19 relief fund theft by international actors or organizations and a breakdown of the countries involved.

The subcommittee is also eager to know the scope of the DOJ’s investigations into these instances and the number of Americans affected by the fraud.

COVID Cost the US $4.6 TRILLION!

Wenstrup asserts that the significant government spending associated with COVID-19 relief programs has led to inflation and created opportunities for fraud.

“This massive growth in government spending caused inflation and expanded the government to unprecedented levels,” Wenstrup said.

The staggering amount of money spent on the U.S. COVID-19 response, totaling $4.6 trillion as of the beginning of the year, has made these concerns all the more pressing.

Covid-19-Era Programs Rife With Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

Wenstrup added, “Worse still, these costly COVID-19-era programs were rife with waste, fraud, and abuse. Criminals inside and outside the United States stole approximately $280 billion in taxpayer funds intended for struggling families, businesses, hospitals and others.”

The subcommittee’s focus extends beyond domestic fraud, with allegations that foreign actors have played a substantial role.

Wenstrup cites a report that reveals instances of foreign actors using identity theft to siphon off COVID relief funds.

Half of All Stolen COVID-19 Relief Funds Went to Russian, Chinese, and Nigerian Criminals

He wrote, “Some of these fraudulent actors were based outside the United States and may involve international criminal organizations. Estimates imply that at least half of all stolen COVID-19 relief funds went to Russian, Chinese, and Nigerian criminals.”

As of March 2022, the department had initiated criminal and civil enforcement actions for cases involving over $8 billion in pandemic relief fraud.

However, the subcommittee’s inquiry raises questions about the extent of these actions and whether they exclusively address domestic fraud.

COVID-19 Relief Funds Provided a Crucial Lifeline

In addition to specific information, the subcommittee seeks a detailed staff-level briefing on the DOJ’s civil and criminal actions related to pandemic relief fund fraud committed by overseas or international actors and criminal organizations.

A spokesperson for the subcommittee’s Democratic minority acknowledged the necessity of prosecuting COVID fraud, and said, “For millions of American families and small businesses, COVID-19 relief funds provided a crucial lifeline as a global pandemic threatened our nation’s health and economy.”

The spokesperson highlighted the Biden administration’s efforts in investigating and prosecuting fraudsters and seizing stolen relief funds.

The Biden Administration Seized More Than $1.4 Billion in Stolen Relief Funds

The spokesperson said, “Under the Biden administration, the Department of Justice has investigated and prosecuted fraudsters, already seizing more than $1.4 billion in stolen relief funds across the country.”

“As Republicans threaten to defund our nation’s law enforcement to shield former President Trump from justice, Select Subcommittee Democrats stand ready to support and invest in the Department’s ongoing work to hold domestic and international bad actors accountable and prevent fraud in the event of future crises,” he added.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

“And Yet They Are Fine With Ukrainian Money Not Being Audited”

One Twitter user wrote, “Do not demand answers, do an investigation.”

Another user added, “And yet they are fine with Ukrainian money not being audited.”

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